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Learn Long Exposure Techniques

Today we are celebrating the release of a new e-book, from our dear friend and Phase One Ambassador, Paul Reiffer! Reiffer partnered with Phase One to release a pro-guide that teaches long exposure techniques.

You will learn long exposure techniques for landscape and cityscape photography – from silky water and cloud movement to light trails, and everything in between.

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned professional just looking for a bit of inspiration, this guide is chock full of interesting written and video tutorials, pro tips, and inspiring images and stories that will make you want to get out and shoot!

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Capture Integration Team & The Opera House

Last year we asked Paul for his Opera House Image then printed it at 80inches wide to showcase the stunning qualities of the Phase One IQ4 150 digital back. Needless to say, we wowed attendees at PhotoPlus 2018 by showcasing this massive beautiful print pictured above.

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