Employee Spotlight : Bianca Ranciato

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Meet Marketing Manager – Bianca

“Can I steal your steps?”

Bianca’s favorite phrase


What defines you?

I try my best to keep life as simple as possible. Put your energy towards a small pool of people you love, self-growth, and the passions and habits that serve you.

Most of my energy flows into showing love to the people I keep close, developing my work ethic, and moving my body whenever I get the chance.

I don’t have a bucket list, or grand aspirations to travel or become famous. Ill take stable, structured, and predictable over that any day. Im sure that will eventually change… but most of my life decisions to this point have been centered around my aspirations to be a good mother, friend, daughter, and wife.

My big blended family

What are five words your teammates would use to describe you?

Energetic, Peculiar, Outspoken, Regimented, & sometimes a little Sassy

Some work from my junior year of College at RIT

If you could only use one camera for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Before having worked here, I was a Nikon girl… haven’t shot a camera since, unfortunately.

Still lives I set up and shot in my apartment during the lonely months of covid. ( I kept this lobster for longer than I should have after the shoot. )

Describe the journey that brought you to Capture Integration.

After graduating college, I decided moving home was not an option. I felt it’d be like tucking myself into bed and going to sleep. Too comfortable. My boyfriend and I just picked a city and went. We had no jobs secured, no renter’s history. A week or two after the move, I reached out to my ( favorite ) college professor, Nanette for job recommendations. She simply called up Dave and told him he wouldn’t regret it if he hired me. I showed up to CI one day as a trial run and just keep showing up ever since.

Made my junior year at RIT. My first on-location shoot with strobe.

What is your favorite phrase of idiom that you use daily?

“Can I steal your steps?”

This phrase basically means, “Can I get that for you?” in reference to an order that needs to be taken down to shipping or a paper retrieved off the printer. But instead of doing it out of kindness, im doing it because I want to steal the little walking break it would take you to complete said task.

More covid stills shot in my living room! When I could no longer shoot people, I turned to shooting every object in my apartment.

If photography was a person, how would you describe your relationship with them?

A college friend I haven’t spoken to in a few years. I still have their number though.

My first and last attempt at self-portraits before I succumbed to still lives during covid.

If you were behind your camera and could choose anything you wanted to be in your viewfinder, where would you be and what would you be looking at?

At my favorite times in life, I’m too busy capturing the memory in my mind to take out my camera. But I always wish I did. Memories are so greatly enhanced when you have a keepsake. Im changing the question in a sense, but I hope to be looking through the viewfinder ( or at my camera app on my phone lol ) for a very brief moment, looking at the happiest experiences in my life.

The few times I’ve taken a picture to preserve a good memory

What is something that makes your skin crawl?

Dry skin catching on a fuzzy piece of clothing….

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