Finding a Phase One Lens and XF Shot Count

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There are many reasons why we would want to look for pertinent information about the bodies and lenses we are using every day. Finding the shot count of our digital back is a very easy and simple task that most customers can check on their own. It’s 3 quick clicks from the digital back as follows:

Menu > Scroll to the bottom > About

All the information is right there at your fingertips and very easy to find. However, what if you want to find the same information about the body or lens? Many customers search through the Phase One XF Body LCD and get frustrated. You will scroll through the long menu system there and you will be left unhappy. But I get it, it just makes sense that this information would be on the body especially since it isn’t in the “About” menu on the digital back.

So let’s make this a true quick tip and get to the location of this important information. Very importantly, this info is found when the Phase One IQ back is on an XF camera. Go to the digital back Menu and follow these instructions:

Menu > XF Menu > Scroll to the bottom > About

Start with the Phase One IQ Digital Back Menu when attached to an XF body
When on a Phase One XF, the first menu will be XF Menu. Select XF menu.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the XF menu and select “About System” menu.
And there you have everything you will need.

And there it all is! The first set of info is all about the XF body. Firmware version, Serial Number, Focal Plane shutter count of the body, and how many times the mirror has opened and closed.

The second list is the Lens info. Firmware version, Serial number, Leaf Shutter count, and Aperture count.

And as always, If we at Capture Integration can do anything to help you with this or any other process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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