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Friends, Families, and Partners,

Thank you for opening our Connection over the last few weeks in the midst of this crisis.  It is not our intent to bombard you with e-mails during this lock-down, rather engage both you and our team with a distraction that somehow takes your mind off the difficulties that many are facing.  And since we are a photographic company, this week I asked my team “Where is your favorite place to shoot?”  I hope you enjoy these images and insight to what a great team we have here at Capture Integration.  Thank you for engaging and taking the time to read our Connection.

Dave Gallagher

Iceland is one of my favorite places to explore because there are so many different locations that change by the minute. The morning I captured this image, wind and, the rain was blowing over 50 mph. Just as I was about to bag it, the sun peaked through the clouds to illuminate this scene in Sveitarfelagio Hornafjorour. One day soon I hope to revisit this beautiful island country to make more memories.

Phase One XF IQ3 100 with Schneider 55mm Lens

– Chris

Somewhere in North Carolina

Somewhere in North Carolina

For me, one of my favorite places to photograph, and/or a place with meaning, is literally nowhere. Or anywhere. The Road. It’s just driving and seeing what I have not seen before and looking at it with fresh eyes. Maybe recording something no one has ever recorded before. Or ever felt like it was worth recording.

In this case, I’m driving and I see a mailbox, seemingly with no home attached to it. Now, to be clear, yes, there is a house across the street. But what I mainly noticed was the perspective of mailbox for no one. Or, in a more ominous sense, a message to Mother Nature – we are coming. So there are potentially comedic and tragic elements for the same image.

There are places on our earth that are favorite places for many to photograph. But I also feel that one can create photographs of relevance from anywhere. Exploring to me means exposing perhaps what has been viewed, but not seen. The road has always represented those challenges and opportunities to me.

– Steve

Though I’m not a photographer… I pretend to be one every time I return home to Charleston, SC. When our team discussed this question, I begin reminiscing about my trip to Patriots Pointe around this time last year. I took this image at The Beach Club at Charleston Habor, which captures three of my favorite things: water, white sand, and Palmetto Trees!

– Kyra 

When the question came up, where’s your favorite place to shoot and our team started mentioning places around the country/world, my first thought was, I love shooting by myself in a space filled with cameras and music.   Shot recently for our upcoming new website (spoiler), I thoroughly enjoyed my day of shooting beautiful objects.

– Brad 

I was hired to document a road trip that zigzagged across North America. Moab and Monument Valley were by far my favorite places to experience and shoot along the way. This shot was from a racing vehicle at the end of the day as we tried to get back to the front of the pack. I really want to get back there to shoot again.

– Anthony

@Kristin Partridge

My favorite place to photograph in the countryside of the D.C. metro area. Not only is it beautiful to shoot in all 4 seasons, but you have a wide range of scenes to photograph from sunsets, cornfields, barns, rivers, to architecture. It’s one of those places you pick a random road to start driving on and get lost for a day shooting. – Kristin

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, CA

California, California, California:  I love diversity.  And the landscape of the west coast of our country is addictive.  From the northern redwoods to the southern desserts and all the incredible locations in between, California is where I am drawn to over and over again.  I love the ability to shoot in the mountains at sunrise and the coast at sunset.  Or to be able to photograph Joshua Tree National Park, The Salton Sea, Palm Springs, and Slab City in just one weekend.  If that isn’t diversity, then I don’t know what is!  The image I chose is of a Sunrise at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley.  I can’t wait to go back…..

– Dave

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