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To our partners, friends, and their families,

In these uncertain times, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. You are all across the globe, in large metropolitan areas, and small rural towns. Some have mandated lockdowns and others advised to social distance. Regardless of your situation, we at Capture Integration want to send you our heartfelt wishes of safety and good health.

Importantly, distancing does not mean isolation. Staying at home does not mean disconnecting. In fact, I would challenge all of our family and friends to engage and connect more than you ever have in the past. It is important to maintain our healthy connections so that when this challenge is complete, we are prepared for our next chapter.

Last Friday I made the decision that our team will work from home for the next two weeks. Since then our city has been placed on a “stay at home” order. While we are not in our normal office in our group setting, we are still available and working towards common goals. I feel strongly that this is not the time for sales, discounts, or any form of business discussion. You won’t be seeing those forms of e-mail from us.

With that said, we are going to take this chance to share a more personal side with you over the next few days. Essentially, we are going to use our Connection Newsletter to literally connect on a more human level.
I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our lives and we would be honored if you joined us and share the same.

To begin, I have asked each team member to capture their home office setting. Where do we work? What do we surround ourselves with for comfort? What does our environment say about us as humans? I hope you enjoy these images and have just a little more insight into our team. Will you share yours and “connect” with us?

With warmth and respect,

Dave Gallagher
CEO / Capture Integration

The Hendrix family hard at work along with their furry children.

Can you tell Chris lives in Tampa?

“Move over MOM. I need to submit my homework!”

Brad really knows how to relax…

Brad really knows how to relax…

Anthony’s pop up office on the largest couch ever…

Kristin also works from the floor when her chair is taken.

Dave’s wife says his man cave looks like a TGI Fridays…

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