Got Glare! The Cambo Viewing Loupe

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Glare on your LCD screen can make photographing incredibly difficult, especially when the sun is at your back. We’ve got a solution!

Searching for a high-quality loupe for your digital back?… Look no further. The Cambo CS-28 loupe has you covered. This loupe boasts a 3.2″ coverage area that is perfect for modern digital backs. It comes with an adhesive mounting frame if you prefer to use it hands-free. However, I found it beneficial to be able to move the loupe around the LCD screen to really see corner-to-corner detail. The built-in diopter allows you to adjust the focus distance to best suit your eyesight. There is also a CS-30 with a 3.0″ coverage area that fits most DSLRs. There are multiple adhesive mounting frames for different models of DSLRs, including a tripod socket-mounted plate and frame assembly available.

Check out the big, beautiful Schneider 3x optics in this bad boy! The large silicone eye cup and dark hood make it easy to check composition and critical focus while blocking unwanted glare on the loupe optics and the camera LCD screen.

This video gives you a good idea of the benefit to using a loupe when out in the field. I start with the loupe on the Phase One IQ3 digital back, then remove the loupe. Lot’s of glare, making it difficult to focus and compose while using live view, or when previewing stored images as I am here. Then I add the loupe again… What a difference!

See the instruction manual above for compatible cameras and mounting options. See below to get yours!

By Murray Elliott

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Murray Elliott

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