High Speed Sync for Profoto B1

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Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash can now perform in High Speed Sync

On Monday December 15 Profoto will launch HSS (High Speed Sync) for the B1 Off-Camera Flash .

Profoto HSS will work for both Canon and Nikon and has been tested for all common camera models. Profoto is true HSS meaning it gives you a perfectly even exposure thanks to a technique using pulsing flash, unlike most other solutions for powerful flashes that use the long tail of the flash curve. This will open up completely new light shaping possibilities for Profoto customers, allowing any aperture and any shutter speed up to 1/8000.

The launch consists of firmware upgrades for the B1 and Air Remote TTL-C and Air Remote TTL-N. The firmware is completely upgradeable by the customer via USB, and will be available on www.profoto.com/myprofoto. There is no hardware upgrades involved and the same flashtube can be used.

At start of business on Monday December 15, you can download the firmware at www.profoto.com/myprofoto

For more information, please contact the tech team at Capture Integration.

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