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New Plugs and Sockets on all ProHeads and Extension Cables

To improve product safety and ensure compliance with continuously updated international safety standards, Profoto has updated the design of all cable mounted plugs and sockets on ProHeads and ProHead extension cables. See how the new plug and new socket looks below.

New Plug on ProHeads

All ProHeads have received a new plug (male connector) on the lamp head cable. This change was implemented in running head production during 2022 and all new heads produced from 2023 have the new plug. No ProHead part numbers have been changed.

New ProHead Extension Cables

ProHead extension cables will now receive both the new plug (male connector) and a new socket (female connector). The new plug on the extension cables is identical to the new plug on the ProHeads. 

Special Limited Time Offer!

2 Options:

  1. Replace the connector free of charge.
  2. Purchase a new cable at 50% MAP with trade in 

#333528 5M Extension Cable for ProHead $442 MAP – $221 via above special.

#333529 10M Extension Cable for ProHead $596 MAP – $298 via above special.

This upgrade path is only offered until December 29, 2023, so please act quickly. 

Extension Cable Compatibility

Older extension cables will not work with the ProHeads using the new socket system and should be upgraded through Profoto’s service department for full compatibility with current and future products. 

We understand that there are many older head extension cables in the market, and Profoto is offering a one-time upgrade path to these customers through their service department.

Backwards compatibility for the new sockets and plugs

• The new socket (female connector) is fully compatible with both old and new plug versions.
• The new plug (male connector) has limited mechanical compatibility with older socket versions.

The new plug is fully compatible with:

• Sockets on Pro-8, Pro-10 and Pro-11 packs.
• The new socket on new extension cables (P/N 333528 and 333529). • The new socket service part (P/N 482201).

The new plug has tight mechanical tolerance fit with:

• Older type sockets on Pro-5, Pro-6 and Pro-7 packs. This effectively means that Profoto is now unable to supply new compatible extension cables and heads for these packs. • Older type socket on the expired extension cables (P/N 333518 and 333519). The old socket on these extension cables can be service replaced with the new female connector service part (482201).

Contact your sales representative at Capture Integration for further details and logistics!

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