Introducing the Profoto A2

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profoto A2 pack light
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The Profoto A2 is the perfect flash for all your on-location needs with the power and reliability of Profoto. Weighing only 18 ounces and packing a considerable punch of 100w/s, the Profoto A2 is power and portability in the palm of your hand.

profoto A2 pack light

Profoto A2 – Pack Light

Super Compact

Bring it with you everywhere.

Easy to Use

100% focus on creativity.

It will never let you down

Regardless of what camera you use.

profoto A2 pack light

The new Profoto A2 is the first mono light in the Clic category. Powerful and lightweight and features:

• 100 Watt seconds
• 10 f-stops
• Recycling time of 0,1 – 1,6 sec.
• 400 full power flashes
• Large and intuitive display
• Stand adapter and soft case included
• Compatible with the OCF system through the new OCF Adapter II

profoto A2 pack light
profoto A2 pack light

This is a light that you really can bring anywhere and everywhere. Throw it in your bag or a jacket pocket, and you’re ready to make the most of whatever location you might find yourself in. You could be shooting at a wedding, an awards ceremony, or in a restaurant – the Profoto A2 is perfect when space is at a premium and time is short.

The A2 connects to the broader universe of Profoto products with AirX connectivity built-in. You can use the A2 as a part of a more extensive lighting system, and you can shoot with any camera, including a smartphone. Enjoy the freedom of choosing where you make adjustments to all settings. Either via the user friendly large display on the flash or via the Profoto app. It’s totally up to you.

We Cant Get Over How Small It Is!

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