IQ3 interface plates for technical cameras

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With the introduction of the IQ3 camera systems, Phase One has added additional pins for extra communication with the XF camera body with the digital backs. As some have noticed, the interface plates for technical cameras have a cut out for the older pin configuration and will not accommodate the added pins. This means that the pins will touch the metal plate itself. While this does not impede usage, the pins were not designed to contact metal in this way and there is a potential, though slight, for damage. As a response, technical camera manufacturers are making new plates with a cut out to match the IQ3 pin configuration. Cambo already has their new plates in stock ready to ship. The below image shows the difference in the cut out between the previous M mount interface adapter and the new one from Cambo.

ALPA is also working on their new interface adapter for M mount backs and should have it ready shortly.

We at Capture Integration strongly recommend using the new interface plates when using an IQ3 back to ensure nothing happens to your pins, as this could affect usage / functionality with your XF camera if they were damaged. Please feel free to reach out to our tech support team to discuss this further.

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