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Today, we entertained a long time Atlanta-based friend, but very rare customer, Joe Boris. Joe came in and picked up his brand new Eizo CG319X 4K display that he purchased from Capture Integration. Dave and I have known Joe for multi-decades (let’s just say many years). He’s a wonderful individual, and a truly talented photographer, as evidenced by his 30+ years as a successful professional working photographer.

I say “very rare customer”, because we kidded Joe it had been years and years since he had purchased from us. But to be fair, Joe has been a Nikon shooter and we’ve never sold Nikon. But we do sell Eizo displays, and we do sell some other things that Joe has his eye on. And Joe could have gone somewhere on the interweb, clicked some button and anonymously added to cart – but Joe didn’t do that. Joe spent no more money than if he would have bought elsewhere, he bought from people who are experts with regard to the equipment he purchased, and he got to spend some time with us and with a free piece of chocolate cheese cake with some anniversary candles celebrating his appearance at Capture Integration.

Who wouldn’t want that? What is the comparative benefit of purchasing elsewhere? No experts. No smiling faces. No cake.

We sell Fuji cameras, Hasselblad cameras, Phase One cameras, Leica cameras, Alpa, Cambo, Arca Swiss technical cameras, Profoto and broncolor lighting, and yes, Eizo displays. Some fantastic and unique equipment, the quality second to none. Hey Atlanta, Hey Georgia, it is ok, we forgive you, we are here for you, we think it is ok for you to give us a call if it will make you happy and satisfied, which is all we really want.

Just look at Joe’s smile. He’s positively glowing. Is this a good experience to have?

The majority of our purchasing clients are from outside of Georgia. We love these clients, we love the relationships, and even if we never meet them, they still come to us, they still put their trust in us. And we would love it if Georgia photographers did also. And if you’re not into smiling faces or cake, it is ok, we will ship directly to you. Just call – we are here!

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