One Image Workflow: John Slemp Bomber Jacket Project

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This type A-2 flight jacket belonged to William Quinn, a bombardier attached to the 570th squadron of the 390th Bomb Group. The 570th squadron insignia patch, a joker with 4 aces behind it, is sewn to the front left of the jacket. There is a name plate above the patch which reads “W.H. Quinn”. On the back of the jacket the name “Shuttle Baby” is painted in green and yellow above a painting of a B-17’s nose turret. Below the nose turret there are 35 bombs painted in yellow, signifying Quinn’s 35 successful missions. Also notice the Russian Red Star symbol, denoting a “shuttle run” to Russian controlled territory, and a windmill and white food bag, denoting participation in Operation Chowhound, the late-war effort to drop food to the starving Dutch people”. – John Slemp

Every image tells a story… however the stories behind John Slemp’s Bomber Jacket Series take us back to a time when life was simplier yet much more complex. Please join us as John shares his Bomber Jacket Series: the history, the photographic process required to capture the story and detail of each jacket with such care, as well as what this project means to John.

Bob “Punchy” Powell was a P-51 Mustang fighter pilot on D-Day, completing 3 missions over 16 total hours.  He had to be helped from the plane after the last mission, as his legs wouldn’t support his weight.  He was pictured with a replica jacket, as his original is in the Mighty Eighth Museum in Pooler, Georgia, just outside Savannah.  Shot with the Leaf Credo 60 and Profoto lights.

Meet John:

Born in Japan, John Slemp was a world traveler before he was a teen. After attending college on an academic scholarship, he served in the US Army stationed in Germany, and out of curiosity spent many hours visiting well-known museums throughout Europe. Little did he know that he was preparing for a life in commercial photography, and the world’s best art was a spellbinding tutor.

Fast forward twenty-plus years, and his wide-ranging photography experience allows him to create environmental still life, portraits, and lifestyle images, specializing in aviation. He’s a recently licensed FAA drone pilot, which has been incorporated into new assignment work as well.

Light, shape, and composition are the tools used to create images for a wide variety of editorial, corporate, and advertising clients worldwide. Easy to work with, his goal is to create the best images possible for each assignment. A great sense of humor is an added plus, which keeps everyone on set loose and lively.

As an aside, he’s a big fan of dogs, fly fishing, and a good cheeseburger. Oddly, he likes cutting the grass too, as it offers time to think..and we cut a lot of grass in the South.

His work has won several industry awards, including three times being selected for the Best of ASMP competition. His fine art work hangs in a number of private and public collections, which he continues to actively exhibit.

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