Kaiser Copy Stand RSX with RTX Arm – a Great Copy Stand Solution at a Great Price

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What is a Copy Stand?

Copy stands are important tools for tabletop shooting and digitizing film, documents, artwork, and 3 dimensional subject matter. The standard setup, including column, baseboard, and adjustable camera arm, allows you to achieve precise positioning. You can find them in use at libraries, historical societies, archives, and photography/stop-motion animation studios.

Copy stands can range drastically in price depending on their capabilities and specifications, and the quality of the components and materials. Most good quality copy stands cost thousands of dollars. Differences can include column height, electric vs manual mechanisms, weight capacity, and more. Your use case will determine what is right for you.

The Kaiser Copy Stand RSX with RTX Arm

Kaiser Fototechnik, based in Germany, has an outstanding reputation for their top quality copy stands. The Kaiser Copy Stand RSX with RTX Arm is a high-quality reproduction solution for small to moderate size subject matter. The Kaiser RSX’s weight capacity of 7.7 lbs means it can easily support 35mm and even medium format cameras. This copy stand is compatible with Fujifilm GFX, Hasselblad X1D/X2D, and Phase One IQ/XF systems. Out of the box, reflective originals can be captured, or add a Kaiser Lim Panel LED for transmissive material.

Why This is a Great Deal

  • Ample size base board (20″ x 24″)
  • Scaled and columned baseboard makes it easy to align materials
  • Scaled and manual geared 4 foot (!) column
  • Highly adjustable camera platform (both vertical and horizontal positioning)
  • The price – just $899 – over 60% off the regular price of $2,499!
Kaiser Copy Stand RSX with RTX Arm
Kaiser Copy Stand RSX with RTX Arm

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