Recap: Niels Knudsen of Phase One – In the House @CI!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018… a momentous day at Capture Integration!

Why, you ask? Well the one and only Mr. Niels Knudsen, VP of RD at Phase One was presenting on the IQ4 150 digital back for a select group of photographers in person at the Capture Integration Atlanta Headquarters. Niels has been involved in managing product development at Phase One for over 25 years, back to the very early days. He is a wonderful human being and a wealth of information. And he travelled all the way from Copenhagen directly to Atlanta for this event.

Attendees were enraptured by the information and the details of what they were hearing.

You might theme the presentation – “Beyond the Spec Sheet”, because it focused not on numbers and specifications, but hows, whys, and whats. How and why is the IQ4 150 sensor, beyond the number of pixels, different from previous sensors? How are the results when shooting at various ISO levels compared to previous digital back models? What sort of future features will we see in the development of this IQ4 150 platform?

Yes, pixel peeping was definitely allowed!

Commemorating the arrival of Niels, Capture integration also received their first IQ4 150 demo unit on the same day. We will continue running our own tests, but it was nice to also see the test results that Niels brought along with him, including long exposure night time shots of the Knudsen residence (which we now have GPS coordinates of …).

Neils Knudsen sighting – he WAS here! (Not a stunt double)

Capture Integration is deeply appreciative to Niels for making his first stop in the USA our Atlanta headquarters. It meant a lot to our team, it meant a lot to the photographers in attendance, and we valued the information and experiences he shared. We look forward to the next time!

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