Leaf Credo XF Camera System Available Now

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The ground breaking Phase One XF system has been a huge success since its release in May of 2015.  In fact, it was just this February that we were able to catch up with the back order status of this new medium format camera.  Now that inventory is available, Phase One has made its firmware compatible with the Mamiya Leaf line up of digital camera backs. Now our Mamiya Leaf clients will be able to have all the advantages that the XF system affords.

The Phase One XF represents fundamental re-engineering of all key elements in a modern camera

  • Robust, aerial-grade mechanics
  • New advanced electronics
  • New Autofocus platform
  • New modular viewfinders
  • Integrated Profoto flash trigger
  • Customizable touch controls

Honeybee Autofocus Platform

  • Number of advantages over classic design
  • Higher precision
  • Easier to calibrate
  • Can measure focus on all kind of patterns
  • Full flexible design for further optimization as it is not limited by physical layout of hardware
  • HAP-1 (Patent pending)
  • High Resolution CMOS sensor

Vibration control like never seen before

  • Optimized mirror box design
  • Low vibration Drive Mode
  • Seismograph

OneTouch UI // Touch screens and softconfigured controls

  • Clean minimalistic principles
  • Touch and tactility
  • 1.6” Transflective Capacitive Touch – readable in sunlight
  • Soft-configured controls
  • 3 customizable dials and 6 Customizable controls

Modular Finder Design

  • 90 degree finder
  • Waist level finder
  • Metering, Auto Exposure, and focus confirmation with both finder options

Full controls of XF through Capture One Pro Tethering

  • New Camera Settings Tool
  • Full control of all settings directly from Capture One
  • Full control of XF OneTouch UI – directly from Capture One and Capture Pilot
  • Focus Stepping in Live View

The largest lens compatibility of any Medium Format Camera ever created

  • 8 Focal Plane shutter Lenses
  • 12 Leaf Shutter Lenses
  • 1/1600s Fast Flash Synchronization
  • 1/4000s Focal Plane shutter speed
  • 40+ Legacy lenses
  • Compatible with more than 60 lenses, the XF Camera System offers high-resolution lenses for all types of professional applications

Please contact your Capture Integration sales representative for full details.

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