Leaf Credo XF Compatibility: Tested & Approved

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I had the opportunity to shoot the Phase One XF with the newly firmware enabled Leaf Credo 60 digital back. Shooting tethered to a MacBook pro via USB3, it was a seamless shooting experience, no different in workflow than shooting with an IQ series CCD back.

The firmware, version 4.02 for the CCD based Credo 40, 60 & 80 megapixel backs, as well as version 2.02 for the CMOS based Credo 50 are available for download from Mamiya Leaf’s website.

Updating via the Credo 60 from CF card took less than a minute and provided these additional benefits to Credo digital backs when paired with the Phase One XF:

New XF camera controls: Remote focus control in Capture One: When using a Mamiya or a Schneider Auto Focus lens, the Live View Controls tool now shows a set of focus nudging buttons, providing course, fine and ultra-­‐‑fine adjustment without having to reach for the camera and eliminating vibrations.

Updating XF firmware from the digital back: When mounted on the XF, the Capture menu displays a new “XF” Menu, which enabled updating the body firmware from a CF card by pressing the Update Firmware button and following the on-­‐‑screen instructions. It also enables viewing the current firmware versions for the body, lens and viewfinder.

Phase has delivered what Credo owners have been waiting for, with a firmware update that integrates Credo digital backs to the flagship XF with the same level of communication functionality as IQ1-series backs.

Capture Integration currently has XF in stock for our Leaf Mamiya users ready to upgrade.

Please contact your Capture Integration sales representative for full details.

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