Leica unveils new Leica Q Type 116

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Leica Camera proudly introduces the Leica Q (Typ 116), a symbiosis of design and superior technology. With its fast lens, easy and intuitive handling, the Leica Q gives the photographer the creative freedom that makes the difference. With a full frame sensor and the Summilux 28 mm/f1.7 ASPH lens, the Leica Q is ideal for street, architecture and landscape photography.

Key Benefits

  •  Easy and intuitive handling with fast lens
  •  Fastest autofocus
  •  Outstanding craftsmanship
  •  Easy, instinctive use with touch screen control
  •  Minimalist design
  •  Integrated Wi-Fi and Leica Q-App makes it easy to share pictures
  •  Range of classic and timeless accessories
  •  Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® available as free download

Important Features

  •  Fastest autofocus lens in it’s class – Summilux 28 mm/f1.7 ASPH with macro-mode
  •  Full-frame 24 MP CMOS Sensor
  •  Live-View and Focus Peaking
  •  Integrated electronic viewfinder & thumb rest
  •  Video recordings in Full HD
  •  Made in Germany
  •  Extremely robust – top plate made of aluminum, body made of magnesium alloy

The Leica Q with its fast 28 mm/f1.7 lens is ideal for street, architecture and landscape photography. The Leica Q gives the photographer the option to focus either automatically or manually. In the macro mode, it allows the user to close focus at a distance of 17 cm (or approximately 6 3/4 inches).


The Leica Q with its fast lens, easy and intuitive handling, gives the user the creative freedom that makes the difference. With a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and the Leica Summilux 28 mm/f 1.7 ASPH lens, the Leica Q gives the user the best possible picture in any light situation. The Leica Q is almost noise-free and takes pictures which highlight details even in high ISO. The Leica Q has a locking function which allows the user to switch between automatic and manual focusing. In the macro mode, the Leica Q has a close focusing distance of 17 cm. True to the Leica tradition, the Leica Q focuses on the essentials and is made in Germany.


The Leica Q has many unique features that enhance the user’s experience. The camera has an integrated 3.68 megapixel electronic viewfinder, allowing the user to see the finest details of the image. There is a thumb rest on the back of the camera, ensuring a solid grip in one hand. The point of focus can be easily selected with a tap of the finger to the touch screen.


The Leica Q has the fastest lens in its class, the Summilux 28 mm/f1.7 ASPH. The lens offers many creative possibilities with selective focus. With its classical focal length of 28mm, it reproduces scenes with natural perspectives and proportions. It is ideal for street, architectural and landscape photography. The Leica Q’s wide aperture and built-in Optical Image Stabilization offer exceptional imaging quality in any lighting situations. The camera’s autofocus also functions in real time and is the fastest in the compact full-frame camera category. With a newly developed processor from Leica Maestro II series, data arriving from the sensor is processed at enormous speed. This allows the user to shoot continuously at a rate of ten frames per second at full resolution, much faster than all other comparable cameras.


The digital frame selector of the Leica Q expands your creative scope. In addition to 28 mm at full resolution, this function also offers focal lengths of 35 and 50 mm. The corresponding frames are displayed in the viewfinder at the push of a button. The advantage – you can still see what is going on outside of the bright-line frame and have the ability to react more rapidly to changes in and around the scene in the same way as with the a rangefinder camera. With the Leica Q, this versatility remains available even after the scene has been captured. While the scene defined by the frame is captured in JPEG format, DNG format files preserve the entire field of view of the 28 mm lens.


The Leica Q allows for video recordings in Full HD 1080p that give a cinematic look. It can record 30 or 60 frames per second. The Leica Q records high-quality moving pictures in MP4 video format and an integrated wind noise filter guarantees crystal-clear sound to match.


With integrated Wi-Fi, the Leica Q allows the photographer to shoot and share pictures and videos via e-mail, Facebook and other social networks. With its wireless transmission, it is possible to share pictures directly from the Leica Q to a smartphone, tablet or computer. The Leica Q app is available for free download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


The remote function of the Leica Q app allows the user to connect a smartphone or tablet to the camera wirelessly and use it as a remote control for the camera. This allows the user to set the shutter speed, aperture and activate the shutter release remotely. This allows for self-timer shots, group portraits and easier shooting from difficult angles.


Leica Q owners can get a free download of Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®. This software offers many creative options for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® is the professional work flow solution for managing and processing still pictures and video recordings.


The Leica Q reflects the principles of reduction to the essentials and is made in Germany. The materials used ensure exceptional endurance. The top plate is machined from solid blocks of aluminum, the body is made of magnesium alloy, and all lettering and the numbers on the setting dials are laser engraved.


Functional designs

A range of accessories has been designed for the Leica Q. These accessories reflect Leica’s principle of reduction to the essentials and are characterized by functional designs and ease of use. Made of premium materials, these accessories protect the camera, increase its versatility, provide reliable support in every photographic situation and expand the creative scope.

Protector – Made of fine quality Italian leather, it protects the camera from unfavorable conditions without hiding the control elements. The leather is embossed in the same diamond design as the camera’s leather trim. The protector provides a matching look and provides extra grip. The bottom flap on the protector has an integrated compartment for an extra SD memory card. The magnetic clasp makes it easy to access the SD card and the battery compartment of the camera.

Ever ready case – It is made of embossed leather and provides all-around protection for the camera. By folding down the front flap of the case, the Leica Q is ready to capture the next decisive moment. The front flap has a separate compartment for storing an extra SD memory card. The magnetic clasp allows quick access to the SD card and the camera’s battery.

Day bag – The day bag is made of premium calfskin leather and has dedicated compartments for storing a tablet PC (up to 9.7 inches), a smartphone (up to 5.5 inches) a wallet and a SD card.

Hand grip & Finger Loop – The handgrip ensures safer and steadier camera handling. The leather covering of the handgrip is elaborately embossed with a high-quality diamond pattern that offers a safer and steadier handling of the Leica Q and is an asset when shooting one-handed. Finger loops available in three different sizes, small, medium and large are recommended for easier handling when using the hand grip.

Display protection foil set – The display protection foil set consist of a foil, an optical cleaning cloth and a screen cleaning pad. The display protection foil is made in Germany and provides effective protection agains scratches and dirt that could potentially damage the touch screen. The foil reduces glare significantly and allows pictures to be viewed with high contrast and clarity in bright light without any disturbing reflections.

Holster – The Leica Q is protected in the leather holster and is available in a flash. With patented multi-angle connector and a rip-resistant adjustable belt, the holster lays flat against the body regardless if the user is wearing a T-shirt or padded jacket. The holster can be used when a handgrip is attached to the Leica Q.

Current Leica Accessories compatible with Leica Q


  •  Leica Handgrip (#19505) and Finger Loops (#14646, 14647 & 14648)
  •  Leica UVA Filter (E49) (#13328)
  •  Flash SF 26 (#14622)
  •  Leica Tabletop Tripod (#14100)
  •  Leica Ball Head 18 (#14108 ,14109, 14110 & 14112))
  •  Leica Ball Head 24 (#14113)
  •  Leica Ball Head 38 #14114)
  •  Set of three quick-change plates for ball heads 24/38 (#14115)
  •  Leica Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod (#14101)

These accessories can enhance the shooting experience while providing the user with more creative options. The current boutique accessories are compatible with the Leica Q:

  •  Leica Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod (#14101)
  •  Artisan & Artist Edition for Leica (#14883, 14884 & 14885)
  •  System Bags (#18844, 18761, 18746 & 18748)
  •  Carrying Straps (#18776, 18777, 18836 & 18837)
  •  Hand Straps (#18782, 18783, 18838 & 18839)
  •  SD & Credit Card Case (#18538 & 18539)

LEICA Q Technical Details


LEICA Q Pricing:

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