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An Interior & Architectural Photography Workshop with Master Photographer Barry Grossman

Allow me to first introduce myself.

I am Barry Grossman, an interior design and architecture photographer. Assignments take me across the US and around the world. I am a photographic artist obsessed with storytelling. I do this by creating photographs that highlight and accentuate design elements like characters in a film, juxtaposing geometric form with light and shadow. I combine a love for traditional photographic tools with the magic of the modern digital darkroom. My goal is simple: to create dynamic and memorable images that speak to the viewer in ways that represent my clients’ designs with integrity, all while maintaining my own signature style.

I am also a teacher and mentor. I want to share my core philosophies, my passion for the work, and what I have learned about the process of capturing the essence of interior and architecture with you.


One may define exploration as “the act of traveling in or through areas unknown in order to learn about them.”

Our workshop experience, at its core, is about the exploration of our craft and how we, as professionals, further develop creative possibilities to improve. We provide photographers with the necessary guidance to shoot even the most challenging subject matter. We offer technical and aesthetic foundations to create beautiful images while encouraging the freedom to push boundaries, create unique perspectives, and ultimately gain more opportunities to produce consistent, sought-after work. My primary goal is to encourage and join each of you on your own personal photographic journey.


I believe the most effective way to inspire others is to be open, steadfastly dedicated, and passionate about the work I create.

For me, I have found inspiration in so many places! From the avant-garde to the purely technical, from the dramatic light of Berenice Abbott to the sweeping lines of Pedro E. Guerrero’s work, what surrounds us and what we imagine is what inspires me. For years, as a filmmaker and cinematographer, early expressionist films dared me to pick up a camera, urging something within me to tell a story with light, composition, and movement.

As I developed my own aesthetic over 35 years as a professional, I learned to draw energy from the design and the architecture, letting shape, form, color, light, and texture lead me. Through these inspirations, I have always aimed to share a unique vision of a space and draw the viewer in. I see each photo as an opportunity to explore my client’s story and embrace the privilege it is to join them as the interpreter of their narrative, creating indelible images in what I view as a collaborative and important endeavor not only for them but for myself.

The Workshop Experience.

Our workshop experience develops and explores strategies on how to create effective photographs of architectural design subjects. We accomplish this through three days of hands-on experience with cameras, lighting, and an amazing subject on which to focus. I demonstrate how I work in great detail, showcasing my compositional and lighting techniques with a lively discussion about how to make images more dynamic and technically sound. I teach about the importance of controlling the elements of a photo shoot and expound upon what is possible with even the simplest tools.

We balance the workshop with equal amounts of demonstration and instruction. I have found that it is important for me to shoot and lead discussions, but it is also extremely necessary for each photographer to create his or her own images. I encourage and challenge each of us to move beyond our comfort zones. Each attendee has encouragement and guidance from me and the team at Capture Integration, who not only host this amazing event with distinction and class but also provide us with the finest camera systems, lighting, and most professional technical support in the industry.

The photographic experience is why I love the workshop, but I would be remiss if I
didn’t include a full day of post-production. After three days of shooting, discussions,
and sharing, we dedicate our fourth day to a deep dive into my processing workflow.
We review the images we all created throughout the week, and I take us through my
methods of raw file processing, light layering, masking, and final editing, achieving an
advanced level of refinement. The post-production seminar encapsulates the
entire week of exploration into the image-making process. My goal for
this day is to demonstrate how we implement everything we’ve learned and
experienced but also explore why we made certain choices about the images, all in
service to the design, our clients, and our own self-expression as photographic artists.

Our workshop is also about building relationships and sharing ideas and experiences.
Camaraderie is so vital to the environment of learning. The creative experience
for me is enhanced when we work together with joy and enthusiasm for the
work itself. Inevitably, this produces better pictures, which are the true
representation of our combined efforts.

For photographers wanting to learn about interior lighting, strategic composition, my
post-production techniques, and push the boundaries of their work with the finest
camera systems in our industry, I encourage you to join us. In the stunning community
of Serenbe this Fall, we’ll have the opportunity to photograph their 11th-annual
Showhouse, a gorgeous multistory Victorian featuring work from over 12 designers.
I hope to create indelible memories and images together.

2024 Architectural Interior Workshop with Barry Grossman

September 29th – October 4th 2024

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