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Capture Integration is excited to announce a new option for our customers’ lighting needs. We would like to announce that Capture Integration is now a Westcott dealer. Since Westcott entered the photography market, it’s been a major innovator in devising professional light control products. With over 600 items for professional and enthusiast photographers as well as the film/video markets, Westcott has continued a long-standing commitment to product innovation.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight several Westcott products that are currently popular in the marketplace. As an authorized Westcott dealer, Capture Integration can now provide all of the Westcott products. From lighting, modifiers, backdrops, reflectors and scrims – remember to contact our team to place your next Westcott order.

Zeppelin Para

Wescott Zeppelin Para

  • High-Quality Construction
  • 16 Durable Heat-Resistant Rods
  • Single Sheet Outer Diffusion Panel Included
  • Zippered-Entry Point for Second Mounting Option
  • Travel Case Included

35″ – $399 | 47″ $499 | 59″ $699

The Zeppelin Para Softboxes are currently available in 3 different sizes (35″, 47″, 59″). This is an excellent parabolic option at an aggressive price. It’s well designed and constructed. Speedrings are available for Profoto, Balcar/Alien Bees, Bowens and Elinchrom.

Rapid Box

  • Durable framework with heavy-duty reflective silver
  • Provides soft and evenly reflected light
  • Extremely portable and lightweight design
  • Opens and closes quickly like an umbrella
  • Height-adjustable and rotatable tilt bracket
  • NOTE: Fits most industry standard speedlites, except Sony models

20″ Octa Mini $170 | 10″ x 24″ Strip $170 | 26″ Octa $170

The Rapid Box is constructed from solid aluminum to minimize weight, yet retain durability. The Rapid Box opens and closes like an umbrella. No support rods or adapter ring needed. Everything is compact and easy to use. A screw-in reflector plate will minimize any hot spot. The front diffusion material is the same quality as found on Westcott’s current high-quality soft boxes. The height and depth are adjustable and compatible with virtually all shoe-mounted flashes. External speedlight placement allows firing via built-in slaves and/or IR line-of-site.

7′ Parabolic Umbrella

  • 16-rib fiberglass framework
  • Double wall shaft
  • project a soft and narrow beam of light
  • 7mm umbrella shaft tip
  • Included travel and storage case

Normally $120 – CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $99

The 7′ Silver Parabolic Umbrella offers maximum light reflection for use either indoors or outdoors. Frames are constructed using a fiberglass composite offering added strength and durability over standard steel or aluminum frames. Umbrellas ship in a protective tube that is perfect for travel and storage.

Ice Light

icelight in action
© Andrew Faulds
  • Portable handheld daylight light-source
  • Dimmable 1,160 lumen LED rated 50,000+ hours
  • AC/DC power operation with built-in Lithium Ion battery
  • Frosted diffusion front with a wide 72.6-degree beam angle
  • Dual accessory attachments at both ends

Normally $599 – $499 ON SALE

How could we not blog about this?! Designed by award-winning photographer and lecturer, Jerry Ghionis, the Ice Light offers the ability to shoot and light in tandem without the need of heavy light stands or additional mounting systems. The Ice Light features the latest Lithium Ion battery technology and can be run both AC or DC power. Batteries are built into the lightweight 1.3 lb. design and can run for a full 60 minutes at full power. Fast charge times are less than 2.5 hours. Plug the Ice Light into any standard power outlet and run continuously (all while charging the unit). The LED array combined with the diffused front face offers an extremely soft and evenly wrap-around light source. This eliminates the need for additional light modifying tools. Lamps are true daylight color and rated for over 50,000 hours of use.


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