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On the twelfth day of Christmas…

Best Pre-Owned Digital Back Prices Anywhere!

Phase One H 25 Digital Back – Pre-Owned

Phase One P 65+ Digital Back (XF Mount)- Pre-Owned

Phase One IQ1 40MP Digital Back (XF Mount) – Pre-Owned

Phase One IQ1 50 Digital Back (XF Mount) – Pre-Owned

Phase One IQ1 80 Digital Back (XF Mount) – Pre-Owned

Phase One IQ2 50MP Digital Back (XF Mount) – Pre-Owned

Phase One IQ3 60MP Digital Back (XF Mount) – Pre-Owned

Phase One IQ3 100MP Digital Back (XF Mount) – Pre-Owned


Steve Hendrix – 404.543.8475 –

Chris Snipes – 813.335.2473 –

Dave Gallagher – 770.846.5223 –

On the eleventh day of Christmas…


Fujifilm GFX 50S II Body

  • Free Shipping
  • Extra Year of Warranty
  • Free Capture One License

Deal expires Dec 31 2021.

On the tenth day of Christmas…

New ALPA 12 FPS Camera Body

—.50% OFF

Need Something ALPA? Give Us a Call!

We have plenty of ALPA demo inventory we’d love to give you a deal on.


On the ninth day of Christmas…

Cambo Wide RS 1250 Kit for Hasselblad

Kit Includes

  • Cambo Wide RS 1250 Technical Camera Body
  • Cambo SLW Hasse V Adapter Plate
  • Cambo Wide RS HVSA Hasselblad Lens Adapter
  • Cambo Wide RS 35mm Rodenstock HR Lens w/ Copal Shutter

————— $12,990

On the eighth day of Christmas…

Brand ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
7Artisans28mm f/1.4 for Leica M$486$299
7Artisans35mm f/1.4 for Leica M $375$229
7Artisans35mm f/2.0 for Leica M$288$199
7Artisans50mm f/1.1 for Leica M$369$249
7Artisans75mm f/1.25 for Leica M$469$299

On the seventh day of Christmas…

Big Discounts on Select New TetherTools and Inovativ Products

Brand ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
InovativIn Stock Carts --10% Off - Call To Inquire
Inovativ Digimouse Pad$115$89
TetherTools Aero Clip-On Accessories Hook$13$4
TetherTools SecureStrap for Aero System$18$9
TetherToolsJerkStopper 1 Pack$15$5
TetherTools USB Essentials Pack$48$20
TetherTools Easy Grip ST$28$5
TetherTools Studio VU VESA Monitor Bracket$212$99
TetherTools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller$60$20
TetherTools Rock Solid External USBl Battery Pack 10,000mAh$50$20
Unibrain20m USB 3.0 AOC Cable With USB Super Adapter For AOC$239$99

On the sixth day of Christmas…

BrandProduct Original PriceSale Price
ALPAClassic ball 5 II$829$415
ALPALeveling Base $429.95$215
ALPALinhoff 3D Micro Leveling Head$1690$845
ALPATriopod Pro 75$1477$890
CamboCBH-6 (Open Box)$486$243
Arca-SwissMonoball Z1DP Quickset Classic$589$539
Arca-Swiss Monoball p0+ Hybrid MonoballFix $958$799

On the fifth day of Christmas…

Up To 70% Off Pre-Owned Lighting Equipment

Broncolor Para 220 FB Umbrella (Silver)



Broncolor Softlight Reflector (Silver)
Profoto StripLight M (w/ Barn Doors)
Profoto Giant Reflector XL



On the fourth day of Christmas…

Pre-Owned Leaf Credo 40 & 50 Back

 Leaf Credo 40 Mamiya Mount 

Leaf Credo 50 Mamiya Mount

On the third day of Christmas…

X-Rite ColorMunki’s



On the second day of Christmas

That’s right.

There are products that we are just tired of seeing take up shelf space. 

See something that would help your studio or business?  Call us and make us an offer.

Mamiya V-Grip Air
Kupo Camera/Umbrella Bracket
Kupo Max Arm w/ Ratcheted Handle
Kupo Monitor Adapter
Kupo Triple Hook Set with Kupole Spacers for Background Paper
KupoSuper Viser Clamp 4”(10.16 CM)
ProfotoDome Diffuser
ProfotoA1 Bag
ProfotoA1 Bounce Cards
ProfotoA1 Flash Stand
SanDiskImageMate Pro Multi Card Reader/Writer
Pocket Wizard 2 Pocket Wizard Case
PocketWizardAC Adapter for Plus II & early MultiMAX Radios
HildozineRemote Wizard Caddy for PocketWizard Plus, Plus II & Multimax
Schneider OpticsiPro Lens Wide Angle Series 2 Lens for Iphone
Schneider OpticsiPro Lens iPhone 4/4S System
Schneider OpticsiPro Lens iPhone 6 Plus Case
Schneider OpticsiPro Lens iPhone 5/5S Series 1 Case
Schneider OpticsiPro Lens Wide Angle Lens for iPhone
Cambo View Finder Mask
ALPAView Finder Mask
ALPAAdjustable Holder & Hinge for All iPhones
ManfrottoAvenger Long Collapsible Reflector Holder with Clips
Manfrotto Mini Clamps
Chinon Auto 50mm F1.9 Lens with Pentax K Mount
LensAlignLensAlign MkII Focus Calibration System
Adorama 72mm Lens Hood
Tenba BYOB Packlite Travel Bag
Zacuto USAShoulder Camera Strap
Tether Tools The Wallee - Apple IPad 3 Case


Steve Hendrix – 404.543.8475 –

Chris Snipes – 813.335.2473 –

Dave Gallagher – 770.846.5223 –

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