On The Eleventh Day of CI Xmas – ALPA, Arca Swiss, & Sinar

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Rodenstock Lenses Copal
ALPA Schneider APO-DIGITAR XL 5.6/35 mm, Copal EX DEMO USED
ALPA Schneider APO-DIGITAR XL 5.6/35 mm, Copal EX DEMO USED
ALPA Schneider APO-DIGITAR XL 5.6/35 mm
F Classic C 6x9 View Camera - Excellent in Box
Rodenstock 70mm APO Sironar f/5.6 Copal-0 Lens with Alpa Long Barrel HPF - Certified Pre-Owned

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ALPA Lenses, Arca Swiss & Sinar View Cameras & More!

ConditionManufactuerProductOriginal PriceSpecial Price
Certified Pre-OwnedALPA70mm Rodenstock APO Sironar 5.6 LB Lens, Copal 0, HPF---$4,490.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPA70mm Rodenstock HR Alpagon 5.6 SB17, Copal Shutter$8,990.00$4,390.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPA35mm Schneider APO-DIGITAR XL 5.6 Lens, Copal ---$2,690.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPA60mm Schneider APO-DIGITAR N 4.0 Lens, Copal 0---$2,190.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPA12 TC Body with right side handgrip$3,099.00$1,890.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPABack-Adapter MA645AB for P1 and Leaf DB's$1,248.00$949.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAM645 / IQ M-Adapter---$790.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAALPA Backadapter for Contax 645$1,112.00$650.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAViewfinder with Spirit Level$1,290.00$490.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAMulti-Use Adapter, 17mm $641.00$415.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPABack Adapter H1A$1,390.00$390.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAV Interface Adapter$790.00$249.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPASync Cord Mark II Phase One / Leaf---$225.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAHPF Ring 90mm---$199.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAHPF Ring RDS 60---$199.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPASilex to 12 Pin Cable$399.00$199.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAStitching Adapter for 12 Plus$260.00$175.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPASmart Device Holder III - Universal$481.00$149.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPADovetail Tripod Mount Square, UniQ/C Standard $195.00$125.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAUniversal iPhone Holder$489.00$99.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPALeather Handstrap$154.00$99.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAPro Lens Shade PLS for 70-75mm front diameter$550.00$99.00
Certified Pre-OwnedALPAShift Scale Stick Plus$89.00$79.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissF Classic C 6x9 View Camera - Excellent in Box$3,828.00$1,599.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissKapture Group Sliding Back for ArcaSwiss 6x9 w/ Hasselblad V Mount$1,490.00$390.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissReflex Magnifying Viewfinder with Eyecup$790.00$299.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissCompendium Lens Hood 6x9 Includes Rod$587.00$279.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissBellows Long 50cm Synthetic - 6x9$519.00$258.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissUltra wide-angle bellows 6cm leather -6x9$361.00$239.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-Swiss6 x 9 Roll Film Holder Adapter (N-Standard)$442.00$199.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissBack Adapter 110mm to Hasselblad Back, without Transport$703.00$150.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissF Line Extesnion Bracket II 50cm$325.00$149.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissF-Line Function Carrier with Markings w/ format frame$499.00$100.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissLens board 110x110. 15mm rec. “0”$197.00$96.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-Swiss6x9 Polaroid Back$399.00$50.00
Certified Pre-OwnedArca-SwissLens board 110x110 standard, flat, “0”$92.00$49.00
Certified Pre-OwnedHorseman6x7 Roll Film Back 8EXP / 120$739$299
Certified Pre-OwnedHorseman6x9 Roll Film Back 10EXP / 120$739$299
Certified Pre-OwnedNovoflexNovoflex Copal 0 Lens to BALPRO1 / T/S Adapter$99.00$59.00
Certified Pre-OwnedRodenstocke-Shutter 250---$1,000.00
Certified Pre-OwnedSchneider47mm APO Digitar f/5.6 Lens Copal 0---$1,190.00
Certified Pre-OwnedSchneider90mm APO Digitar f/4.5 Lens, Copal 0 ---$990.00
Certified Pre-OwnedSchneiderCenter Filter llf 4x HM---$290.00
Certified Pre-OwnedSinarP 4x5 View Camera with Standard Bellows---$499
Certified Pre-OwnedSinarP2 4x5 View Camera with Standard Bellows---$599
Certified Pre-OwnedSinarP3 6x9 View Camera with Wide Angle Bellows---$999
Certified Pre-OwnedSinarPhase One Flex Adaptor (inserts available)---$399.00




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