OS X El Capitan: Still Not Recommended

 In Capture One Pro

Even though Phase One has released the Capture One Pro 8.3.4, we and several of our customers have experienced connectivity issues with El Capitan. At this point, we still do not recommend upgrading to El Capitan on workflow critical machines.

If you have already upgraded, you must be using Capture One Pro 8.3.4, and we highly recommend the use of a powered hub (especially if you must use a Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter).

Why get a powered hub?

With each release of newer Mac OS’s (and new hardware, too), we have found that the way it routes power to critical USB and Firewire ports is continually changing and often times produces less than necessary for solid connectivity. The especially notorious are iMacs and Mac Minis, but even MacBookPros rarely provide the recommended amount power (even if they appear to work flawlessly).

The best and most reliable fix is to use a powered hub to maintain enough consistent power – which cuts down 99% of our connectivity issues.

For FireWire connections we recommend:

For USB connections we recommend:

Keep checking our blog for updates on new releases for Capture One when we give the go-ahead to upgrade your OS!


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Contact our technical support team for questions or additional information!

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