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UPDATE 5/29/14

The very first batch of Phase One’s new 3400 mAh batteries have conflicted with manufacturer specs. Capture Integration is now shipping individual batteries that have successfully passed our internal testing and inspection.

If you were an early adopter that’s experiencing issues with the 3400 mAh batteries purchased through Capture Integration, contact our tech team right away so that we can help you work through this. Please feel free to contact our Atlanta office if you have any questions.

In October 2013, Capture Integration issued a definitive statement on the evolution of Phase One batteries. Phase One has now introduced a new battery to the market – 3400 mAh power. In our initial testing, we have already encountered issues that we feel are serious enough to not recommend these to end users at this time. We have addressed the concerns with Phase One, and we are looking forward to the resolution.

Please stayed tuned to the blog for further development on this issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact our tech department with any further questions.

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