Phase One Certified Pre Owned 2019 Promotion

 In Kyra Bodrick, News, Phase One Promo

CPO IQ3 100MP Digital Back – $17,990

IQ2 60MP Digital Back for $9,990

Add NEW XF with Prism Viewfinder for $5,000

The IQ3 Highlights

• 101 megapixels – High Resolution & Detail
• True 16bit Color -Increased color performance
• Low Base ISO – Base ISO 50
• Full Frame Medium Format – Full frame 645 sensor
• Electronic Shutter / Electronic First Curtain
• 15 Stops Dynamic Range – Depth and detail

Fashion/Beauty Photography

• True focal length – No limitations to your field of view, WYSIWYG
• Color depth – 16bit color for skin tone nuance, accuracy and color detail
• Mixed lighting benefits –Dynamic range and ISO flexibility in ambient +
strobe photography scenarios

Landscape Photography 

• True focal length – Take full advantage of Wide-Angle lenses
• Virtually noise free – Low base ISO provides cleaner files
• Longer Exposures – Low base ISO provides exposure flexibility
• Reduced camera vibration – Electronic shutter and Electronic first curtain
reduce camera movement

Architectural Photography

• Image Detail – Higher resolution images
• Live View – Focus and precision
• True focal length – Take full advantage of Wide-Angle lenses
• Dynamic Range detail – Recovering highlights and shadows for
indoor/outdoor lighting

Studio/Still Life Photography

• Image Detail – High resolution images
• Dynamic Range detail – Retaining shadow detail in controlled lighting
• Color fidelity – 16bit color provides finer product color accuracy
• Vibration free operation – Electronic shutter and Electronic first curtain
eliminate camera movement

Promotion is valid from through April 30th…

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