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When Phase One announced the XF Camera System, it was presented as a platform that could evolve over time. As we’ve seen so many times over the years with Phase One, they are delivering on that promise. The second XF Feature Update is packed with new creative tools aimed to improve sequence photography, a complete optimization and design overhaul of the OneTouch UI, along with an update to improve the HoneyBee Autofocus Platform. These improvements, alongside newly redesigned lenses and Capture One 9.1 release offer a tremendous step forward for the world’s most demanding photographers.

Automated Focus Stacking

The adaptive design of the XF Camera System makes way for some fantastic possibilities. Now with added focus control, the XF Camera System can systematically capture a sequence of images while precisely adjusting focus for each frame. You set the parameters and the XF Camera System does the rest. Perfect in the studio or in the field, the Focus Stack Tool results in image sequences perfect for integration into post processing solutions like Helicon Focus… now FREE for 1 year to any XF Camera System owner.


An excellent creative tool, the XF Camera System now provides a Time- lapse sequence tool, also known as an Intervalometer, to capture automated image sequences. Use it for compiling images after the shoot or to ensure the nuance of fading light is never missed. The precision control of the Time- lapse tool allows you to set the time between each capture, the total number of captures, as well as the delay at start. The tool respects all existing camera modes and options, ensuring meticulous accuracy and dependable captures.

HDR Bracketing

Taking advantage of added Capture One 9.1 organization features, the XF Camera System provides a tool intended for High Dynamic Range editing after capture. The HDR tool of the XF Camera System is similar to the bracketing feature but integrates proprietary tags so images can easily be identified, selected and edited in Capture One. The HDR Tool provides added workflow options to minimize post-processing complications and allow for easier integration with third-party applications.

New OneTouch UI

A fresh new look for the Ultimate Camera System. The XF Camera System and all Phase One products embrace an elegance and simplicity in design, both in their physical form and in their User Interface. The XF Camera System introduced a cohesive and intuitive user interface, the OneTouch UI. Phase One is delivering further integration and a new look with Feature Update #2. New intuitive tool access and a clean look take the OneTouch UI a step closer to perfection.

Improving the Honeybee Autofocus Platform

With the introduction of the XF Camera System came the introduction of our proprietary Autofocus platform. The HAP-1 system ensures that Phase One can grow, customize and accelerate autofocus to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding photographers. Improvements have been made to increase accuracy in low light conditions, ensure focus of various low contrast materials in even light, and improved precision when using the XF Camera System handheld with behavior changes initiated from the systems several accelerometers.

Self Timer Delay

In true Phase One fashion, client feedback drives innovation. We’ve heard quite a few suggestions for an old standard, the Self Timer drive mode, and Phase One has listened. The capture delay adds a quick and easy, fully customizable timer option to the XF Camera System. Set any delay from half a second to a minute and the XF Camera System will take it from there.

General feature improvements

Feature Update #2 has provided a bit of polish for existing features and ensure the absolute best in system integration. There is now a more dynamic workflow to the already powerful Hyperfocal Distance tool, the ability to add/remove tools from the Top Touch Screen menu, as well as ensure internal performance tracking is recorded within the Camera System. All available performance statistics are now fully integrated to ensure your XF Camera System can diagnose it’s own performance and in the future provide feedback should anything be less than perfect.

Feature Update FW #2 Download

FW2.01.2 For XF – Approved
IQ users – please read our advice and recommendations for firmware releases here.

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