Phase One IQ4 Digital Back : Updating Firmware

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Phase One IQ4 Digital Back

Updating Your Firmware

Not that firmware updating was ever inconsequential in prior digital backs, but with the IQ4 platform we’re talking about a much more robust computer packed into the same form factor as the prior IQ-series digital backs, containing much more programming complexity.  The firmware package that updates the unit is up to 12x larger than its predecessors and the update process is no less impactful than an operating system update on a desktop computer.  Make sure you start any firmware update with a completely charged battery and wait, even through what seem to be long periods of black screen time for the update to finish with a confirmation screen.

Firmware Updating

Based on the build date (or date of last service) of your IQ4 it will have a ‘Factory’ firmware installed on it from that period of time. Depending on the version of this factory firmware, you will need to step up incrementally if you haven’t been adopting the new firmware as it originally deployed.

All firmware installed after 4.02.7 requires that you have had already installed XF System 4.02.7 prior to using that next version (5.x / 6.x etc.) update. All firmware installed after 7.00.7 requires that you have had already installed XF System 7.00.7 prior to using the current 8.02.0 firmware package.

Example: If your IQ4 was running XF System 1.03.25 firmware and you want to bring it up to current, you would need to first install 4.02.7, then 7.00.7 and then finally 8.01.0

Somewhat confusingly, the XF System Package acts as a container for the specific XF & IQ4 firmware versions.

  • XF System 1.01.18 installs XF Firmware 4.02.13 and IQ4 Firmware 1.01.18 (First Release IQ4 Firmware 1/17/19)
  • XF System 1.03.25 installs XF Firmware 4.04.9 and IQ4 Firmware 1.03.25 (3/13/19)
  • XF System 4.02.7 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 2.00.20 (5/24/19) (Installation REQUIRED before upgrading to System 5)
  • XF System 5.00.20 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 3.00.20 (6/27/19)
  • XF System 5.01.0 installs XF Firmware 4.05.3 and IQ4 Firmware 3.02.0 (7/24/19)
  • XF System 6.00.52 installs XF Firmware 4.06.3 and IQ4 Firmware 4.00.58 (XT release, broken for Tech Cam & XF shooters 9/25/19)
  • XF System 6.01.1 installs XF Firmware 4.06.3 and IQ4 Firmware 4.01.1 (All Camera Compatibility 10/10/19)
  • XF System 7.00.7 installs XF Firmware 4.06.3 and IQ4 Firmware 5.00.13 (Installation REQUIRED before upgrading to System 8)
  • XF System 8.00.18 installs XF Firmware 5.00.5, X-Shutter Firmware 1.01.6 and IQ4 Firmware 6.00.36 
  • XF System 8.01.0 installs XF Firmware 5.00.5, X-Shutter Firmware 1.01.6 and IQ4 Firmware 6.01.3
  • XF System 8.02.0 installs XF Firmware 5.00.5, X-Shutter Firmware 1.01.6 and IQ4 Firmware 6.03.18

Check your Firmware Version on your IQ4-150 to see if need to update prior to downloading any updaters! 
Download IQ4 150 / XF Firmware Downloads from Capture Integration

Pro Note for Firmware Upgrades:

The SAME rules of engagement apply here as I always recommend… Are you going out to shoot a job this week, with client, without internet access? Consider not jumping into any new firmware update until you have the time just to sit with your system, play, explore and notice if anything has run amok.

Latent bugs can always reveal themselves when combined with individual workflows and patterns unforeseen by the engineering team in Denmark or bound to very specific groupings of serial #’s and build dates. I think it’s very good practice to keep prior versions of firmware on a SD card in your kit at all times. If you find that you’re having an issue with your camera, you can revert to a previous firmware package instead of the current one.

In fact, I recommend keeping several versions of firmware on that same card in order to determine whether a bad behavior is bound to a firmware release or is potentially a newly developed hardware issue. Unlike prior IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3-series digital backs, the IQ4 platform can see and access more than one version of firmware stored on the card, so it’s easy to keep those versions with you all the time.

Best to keep at least these three on your ’emergency’ SD card:

(Note: If the Factory Firmware on your IQ4 is anything prior to 8.01.0, DO NOT store your emergency firmware on a CFexpress card, as the unit running firmware prior to 8.01.0 will not even see a CFexpress card!!)

Feature Update #4 SR2

Feature Update #7 Phase One Lab & Dual Exposure+ 

Feature Update #8 

In case of the rare need to perform a Full Reset on the IQ4, having the necessary versions of firmware to build back to the current version will be valuable to get you back to shooting with all available features. If this need arises for that ‘2-button reset’, the IQ4 will revert to whatever firmware version was current at the time it was produced or last serviced. If you have an early build, this could mean needing all three packages above.

Current and Prior versions of Firmware available in our Download Archive


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