Phase One : Using Blue Ring lenses on XT and Cambo Tech Cameras

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Using Blue Ring Lenses with Technical Cameras

Cambo offers a WRS-M645 Lens Adapter that allows you to use Phase One Blue Ring lenses, Phase One LS lenses, and Mamiya 645 lenses on your XT and Cambo Technical bodies. This adapter requires either a Phase One IQ4 150 or IQ3 100 digital camera back that has Electronic Shutter control since you are not using the shutter on the lenses.

This WRS-645 lens adapter does not have any control over the aperture, so it must be set by a Phase One XF or DF/DF+ body. You will want to mount the lens on the camera body, set the aperture to the desired F stop. Then stop the lens down with the depth of field preview button and turn off the body and remove the battery. This will set the F stop to your desired setting. It mounts to the WRS-M645 just like any Phase One or Mamiya lens does.

I think it fills a gap to use a variety of very sharp lenses at a lower price point with movements. Check out some of the Phase One Blue Ring lenses we have in Certified Pre Owned:

And don’t forget the adapter so you can use these lenses on your Phase One XT or Cambo Technical Camera!

Below you will see my setup & test shots from using this adapter with a variety of Blue Ring lenses mounted on my Phase One XT

Phase One 32mm Rodenstock XT lens
Phase One Schneider 35mm Blue Ring
Phase One Schneider 55mm Blue Ring
Phase One Schneider 80mm Blue Ring
Phase One Schneider 150mm Blue Ring
Phase One Schneider 240mm Blue Ring
Phase One Schneider 35mm Blue Ring mounted to XT Body

By Chris Snipes

Thanks for the read! If you have any questions, or interest in Phase One, feel free to reach out.

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