Mounting Phase One X Shutter on a View Camera

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I almost titled this article …. View Camera X. I just liked the way that sounded. But search engines being what they are ….

So here we go. The conversation went something like this. No you can’t! Yes you can! No you can’t! Yes! You can! No you can’t, how? Because the X Shutter diaphragm matches the copal 0, and the shutter housing is accommodated by most view camera boards. Oh ……… really?

All that you need to mount your Lens with X Shutter to an Arca Swiss 110mm Lensboard

And there you go. Why is this relevant? Because most familiar with the X Shutter see it as a tech camera solution, for the XT Camera, and they may even know the shutter can be used with technical cameras from Cambo, Alpa, Arca Swiss. But we also have clients who have wanted to mount their view camera lenses for their view camera into the X Shutter, and nearly all of them have assumed this was not possible. It is possible.

Arca Swiss M Monolith 6×9 with Rodenstock 70 HR-W in X Shutter

We have already outfitted some of the lenses from our clients into X Shutter for their Arca Swiss and Cambo Actus view cameras. Yes, there is one single 12 pin to 12 pin cable going from the USB port of the X Shutter housing to the IQ4. But you now have 1/1000 sync with strobe, you have an extremely robust electro-mechanical leaf shutter that is rated at well over 500,000 actuations, you have precise, repeatable 1/3 stop increments, you have complete control of all exposure parameters from the IQ4 interface, you can create a sequence of automatic bracketed exposures, you can ….. STOP.

You don’t have to cock the shutter.

For use in the field, this is a no brainer. The lens opens and closes automatically for focusing. You don’t have to cock the shutter.

Cambo Actus G with Rodenstock 70 HR-W in X Shutter

For the studio, this is a no brainer. Many studios still use ancient electronic shutters that are no longer being produced, let alone repaired, and that have never been anything more than a hassle to use. With the X Shutter, you have complete control of exposure and aperture and open and close the lens for live view all from Capture One.

Do you have a Sinar P something? Do you have an Arca Swiss 4×5 Metric? Do you have a Cambo Actus? Heck, do you have a Deardorff? Compatibility-wise, there’s quite a bit of latitude here.

Your Arca Swiss 6×9 is ready to rock with X Shutter when you are

Now, we’re very aware that not everyone with a view camera is going to rush out and spend the money required to have an IQ4 150 digital back with a host of fabulous lenses outfitted in X Shutters. This is more of a public service announcement to make sure that those who would are aware that they can become those that can.

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