Phase One 120mm Comparison Test                 

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Given the number of lenses at the 120mm focal length for the Phase One mount (now currently at 4,) we decided to do a comprehensive test to show the differences in resolution, clarity, as well as field of view changes, and more. Each lens has differing characteristics, as they’re all constructed differently. One of the lenses isn’t even a macro lens, but a tilt/shift option. Since each of these lenses would also make for excellent portrait or tele choices, they all need to be compared in a equal testing environment.

Test Equipment and Settings

  • Standard lens test chart AND real world example
  • All lenses were shot at f/11
  • Phase One IQ160 was used for this test for maximum coverage of the image circle.
  • Induro AT-313 tripod was used with a 3047 head for the dual bubble levels
  • No LCC settings were used, so as to best showcase falloff, diffraction and vignetting for each lens.
  • A Phase One DF+ was used with each lens
  • Beyond using the same X-rite Colorchecker square in each scene, no changes were done to any images.

Lens Specifications:

We split the test into two parts: A shot of a lens test chart, moving the camera slightly to adjust for FOV changes, and a shot of a static 3D scene for more of a real world example. You can see full 100% crops after each image below.

Overall Image – Test Chart

Real World Test

Lens test charts, and MTF charts fulfill a very important in differentiating between different lenses, but we at CI feel that the real world plays a huge part in determining if you should add a lens, camera, or digital back to your equipment list. You can find full resolution EIPs linked below, which would let you download and examine these files yourself in Capture One.

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