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Meet Anthony Wallen

Anthony was born in Nashville, TN—the son of a preacher man. He moved every four years or so depending on which church his father was sent to resurrect, but the majority of his formative years were spent in Southern California. He went to college in Huntsville, Alabama, where he met his future wife. From there, Anthony has lived in South Florida for a bit before landing in Atlanta. Currently, he splits his time between work and figuring out how to keep their three teenagers from “getting lost” in technology.

Here is the million dollar question… Why photography? What launched your passion?

My father was the first person to plant that seed. Around 3rd grade he got tired of his camera vanishing and decided to buy me my own—a Konica. From that day, my camera became a part of me. I was that kid that always had his camera out, taking pictures.  As a professional, I first started working in the video production industry. A neighbor of mine was showing me his latest photographs on his computer when I asked what film he used for a particular shot. His answer amazed me. He wasn’t shooting film anymore he was shooting digital. I bought one of his older cameras and fell in love with photography all over again. Where with video it was me, the DP, the grips, the Producers, the Director, and so on. When I shoot it’s just me, what I see and and the camera.

Anthony, you have a beautiful collection of images of all genres on your website. What genre of photography do you enjoy shooting the most?

I really enjoy portrait photography. Photographers often hear people say how much they don’t like how they look in pictures or just flat out hate taking pictures. The question I ask whenever I encounter a person with this belief is, “Do you see the same person in your mirror that you see in the picture?” Surprisingly most people say they don’t. My biggest joy is interacting with the subject (whether a client or person on the street) and creating a relationship that allows them to relax enough to let their true expression be captured.

What’s the inspiration behind your work?I’m inspired by time—Capturing a moment in time can often reveal a story that can go unnoticed in “real-time”, a story that starts a conversation. We live in a “busy” world that is constantly connecting us to everything via technology and it’s very easy to become oblivious to the beauty around us. My goal is to share those beautiful stories in order to help people connect. 

Out of the wide variety of lenses on the market, what’s your favorite one to use?

The Schneider Kreuznach 55mm is the lens that stays on my Phase One 85% of the time. I just love everything about that piece of glass.

Lighting plays a major role in telling the story of your image. What are your favorite lighting techniques to tell your story?

I love shooting with natural light. I feel like when ever I leave the house I’m location scouting for spots to shoot that offer something. I usually find a location and then use an app on my phone to see the direction of the sun at various times of day to imagine how the shadows may fall. I’ll come back again to do a test shoot to see what I will really have to play with when I have something I feel is worth the location.

 In which ways do you see your work evolving in the next 5 – 10 years from now?

In the next 5-10 years I really want to focus on Conceptual Photography. I want to produce photographs from top to the bottom. Start with a creative idea and make it come to life as I see it in my mind.

If you could have given yourself any advice when you first launched your career in photography, what would it be?

Use the hell out of the gear that you have until you out grow it. More expensive equipment doesn’t produce better photography. And most importantly, Don’t buy any gear on credit!

Why Capture Integration? What made you select us as a partner?

I live in Atlanta and when I looked into buying a Phase One system C.I. was just a 20 minute drive away. I made an appointment and Dave Gallager took time out of his day to give me a thorough run down on what they had to offer. Before I left he was able to build a system that was perfect for my needs. The knowledge base of their technical support team is outstanding and their customer service is second to none.

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