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Meet Jeffrey Littell

Jeffrey was raised in Southern California where he still resides today. As a child living close to the Pacific Ocean, he learned to surf and sail at a young age. Jeffrey was a part of a crew that sailed long distance passages, including round trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Today… Jeffrey says he is an annuity for his dermatologist due to his lack of sunblock while voyaging in his youth 🙂

As for his career, Jeffrey spent 40 years in the commercial real estate industry mainly operating large portfolios of investment grade properties. He developed a love for photography and got started shooting medium format and technical cameras after meeting Dave Gallagher in Carmel, California. Jeffery said he was hooked after they shot the first image in Garrapata Beach.

You recently switched from a IQ3-100 color back to the new IQ4-150 Achromatic back. Why the change?

Decades ago I took an elective class in college in which we shot 35mm black & white film, processed, and printed our work. Black & white came back to my attention and passion when I shot at Joshua Tree National Park using my color IQ3-100 back and then converted the images to b & w. The images spoke to me in so many wonderful ways that I decided b & w is my true passion in photography.

What are your favorite subject genres to shoot and what’s next for you?

I love landscape but am completely captivated in shooting abandoned factories and urban decay. Shooting b & w adds to the angst and “old school” nature of the subjects.

I enjoy photography so the only thing that is next on my radar is shooting my best image ever… wherever that might be.

Why Phase One, Cambo, and Rodenstock gear? 

These tools gives me the ability to produce images that resonate with me. The gear is so easy to use! I’m not one to carry around a ton of gear.  These tools are compact in size but still gives me the ability to create large prints of my work. Also, I’ve never shot a lens as clear as the Rodenstock stock lens. It enables me to take advantage of the detail that the Phase One back captures. As for Cambo, I love that it is extremely well made and durable.

You say you don’t have a website, enter photo competitions, exhibit your work or rarely sell any of your images… Why?

I shoot for the personal challenge and satisfaction in solving simultaneous variables. The other stuff isn’t of much interest to me even though some of my work is displayed at: Capture Integration, Atlanta; Digital Fusion, Culver City, CA; Magna Chrome, Concord, CA; Dominican Priory of St. Albert the Great, Oakland, CA

Jeffrey’s Favorite Gear

Do you have any favorite photo gear or tools that is your must have on every shoot? This loupe is my “must have” tool in the field when shooting to obtain perfect focus for my images.

You reside in California. Why CI for your medium format gear needs?

It’s simple. The team at CI treat me as though I’m the most important and biggest pro name in photography even though I’m a complete knucklehead.

Put a face with the name… Hello Jeffrey!

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