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Meet Michael Moore

Michael was born and raised in the South. He’s been married for 23 years to his college sweetheart and they have three beautiful daughters. Tuscaloosa, Ala., is his home. Michael has a degree in Business Management and has been a photographer for 9 years for both commercial and editorial clients. He’s also completed three Ironman Triathlons, loves good coffee and has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane… twice!

Michael, I always ask what I call the million dollar question, why photography? … What ignited your passion?

In high school, I developed a reputation for being “the guy with the big camera”—I loved taking photos of friends and family at home and while traveling. During college, I was a cheerleader at the University of Alabama and got to meet several traveling press photographers on the sidelines. I developed friendships with them over the years, and they were always generous with their knowledge. On a trip to California for the NCAA Sweet 16 tournament, I caught a photo of a windsurfer in action just outside of Carmel. That shot was and is memorable, and it’s still on the wall of my parent’s house to this day.

The passion for photography stayed with me long after that trip, several years later, I was fortunate to meet a longtime pro who was generous with his time and knowledge. He mentored me and helped me start off in this business 9 years ago. My interest in photography as a profession and my love for the medium itself continues to grow.

Being that you are located in a smaller market, how were you able to grow your brand to a national level?

Photography has always been about perspective. It doesn’t matter where you reside; it’s the work that is important. With the advances in travel and technology, I can shoot one day in New York, then hop a flight over to L.A. and finish up the week shooting there. I concentrate on developing relationships with creative directors and clients, and I’m willing to go where the work is.

What do you enjoy photographing outside of your work related projects?

I am a portrait guy. Outside of work, I still enjoy photographing people, especially dancers. They are incredible athletes who are used to collaborating with others, so they always bring a lot to a shoot. The way they can control their body positions while still conveying deep, artistic expression gives me the opportunity to get creative with my angle and the way I light the shot. I like that kind of collaborative process.

Out of the wide variety of lenses on the market, what’s your favorite one to use?

My favorite lens is the new Schneider Kreuznach blue ring 55 – it is amazingly sharp and works so well with the new AFr feature in the Phase One XF body – it is perfect for environmental portraits.

Lighting plays a major role in telling the story of your image. What are your favorite lighting techniques to make your subjects stand out?

Every scene has lighting opportunities [or problems]. Sometimes you must control and direct natural light; sometimes you need a single strobe, and other times you back the Equipment Truck up. Photographers must be good problem solvers.

I really like to bring a cinematic look to my work. Hollywood cinematographers will tell you to “motivate the practical,” lighting selectively to accentuate the light that exists in the scene—and sometimes creating your own. I tend to follow that philosophy and search for ways to enrich the scene in every set up.

If you could have given yourself any advice when you first launched your career in photography, what would it be?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

In which ways do you see your work evolving in the next 5 – 10 years from now?

My work is always evolving. I’ve developed a sensibility to my work and I hope the coming years will find me honing my skills even more and expanding my portfolio. I hope to connect with people who are like-minded as well as people I genuinely enjoy spending time with —work is just more fun when there’s a shared appreciation. I want to work with clients who believe in me and my vision and who can see the imagery benefiting their brands.

Why Capture Integration? What made you select us as a partner?

I came to CI in early 2011 when I began exploring the idea of Medium Format Digital – Dave, Chris, Brad, Bryant and the rest of the crew at CI have been fabulous at everything from answering initial technical questions and offering advice to being there as a support crew when needed. It is such an advantage for me to know the name and face of the voice that is on the other end of the line!

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