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René Dürr Zurich

René Dürr has been working as an architectural photographer for more than 30 years and is the owner of Atelier für Architekturfotografie R. Dürr in Zürich. He works primarily on behalf of architects and general contractors.

“I have been working with the ALPA system for over 15 years because, in my opinion, it is the perfect instrument for an architectural photographer. Robust, incredibly precise and well built. Including adjustment options that previously were only offered by analog view cameras. My system is supplemented by various Rodenstock lenses and two Hasselblad digital backs. In my opinion, the ALPA system delivers image quality that cannot be surpassed.”

Rene Durr

Around 25 years ago, René Dürr worked intensively with 8×10 large-format photography. He developed his images in his own laboratory. With the advancements of digitalization, He searched for a comparable alternative to the large-format view camera and found exactly what he was looking for at ALPA.

For around 15 years, René Dürr has been photographing his with the ALPA 12 Max, which, similar to his 8×10 inch view camera, allows you to design the image down to the last detail with the adjustable standards.

ALPA 12 MAX Camera Body

Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery. Perhaps that is why there are cameras that look similar to the ALPA 12 MAX. However, similarity does not make a copy into an original, but only into a possibly false promise. The ALPA 12 MAX is intended predominantly as a tripod camera; however, it is also just small and light enough also to be used as a hand-held camera…

There are plenty of illustrated books about Venice. But this one is different because René Dürr didn’t just concentrate on the tourist mile of the Langoon city, but also took into account many architecturally interesting buildings in the little-known outdoor areas. The focus of his recording concept, which he pursued over the autumn and winter months of four years, is the diverse architecture of this city, interesting buildings away from the much-seen tourist sights. The result is a book that stands out clearly from similar photographic projects and shows a Venice that even astute connoisseurs of this fascinating city can discover in this illustrated book.

A review of Venezia

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