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Tell me about you!

I’m 59 years old, living in the Bay Area with my wife of 30 years and two great sons. My wife is a psychologist, which is one of the only reasons she has the ability to put up with me.

I was born and raised in Israel until the age of 21 when I came to the US to study music. At least, that was my plan. However, life had other plans for me, and although I did manage to study music for some time, I was pulled in several different directions. CGI being one of them. As someone who was always interested in fine art, music, and science, I found the world of computer animation fascinating. I was fortunate enough to be at the right time and place, and started working in the entertainment industry, providing CGI content. I had the opportunity to work on groundbreaking CGI animation films like Antz and Shrek and work on many other commercials and iconic video games of the 90’s.

While doing all that, my passion for audio, which I was always drawn to, has been growing to a point where I started building my own speakers. What began as a hobby led to the creation of Magico LLC, which is considered today one of the world’s leading high-end loudspeakers.


How did you discover your love for photography?

Hard to say. I have been interested in fine art since I was a child. My grandfather gave me a camera when I was 6 years old, and I was always intrigued by the possibilities.


Who are some of your favorite photographers (past or present)?

Andreas Gursky, Steve McCurry, Toshio Shibata and many more.


How are your longstanding passions for music & photography intertwined?  

Early on in the life of Magico, after I realized the cost and hardship involved in getting our products photographed (and not always being happy with the results), I decided to take up the subject myself.

It was a crazy dive as I invested a substantial amount of money in professional studio gear, at a significant risk to the business. The investment proved worthwhile as the quality of the product was shown clearly in photographs. Today, most of our product shots you see around the world are taken by me.


You founded the company Magico, under which you’ve produced some of the worlds finest loudspeakers. Can you elaborate on how your artistry is reflected in these products? 

Designing and building loudspeakers encompass almost perfectly the scope of my interests. From fine art ( conceptual and aesthetics), industrial design, science, engineering, and music. Attention to detail and a constant pursuit of excellence leads to remarkable places. Magico loudspeakers are one of them .

Can you describe a photographically challenging situation that you were confronted with that you were able to resolve on the fly?

The leading Japanese stereo magazine asked me to photograph myself next to our flagship model for their 2022 December publication. They have never put a human on the cover of the magazine, it has to be special. This was quite a challenge. In my studio, with the new IQ4, and the right lighting tools, that was proven easier than I thought.

The ability to “see” so clearly through the camera and Capture One made what was an extremely challenging setup only a few years back a breeze.

What is your favorite underrated photographic tool? Why?

Use to have many, when focusing and composition were made in the dark. The full arsenal of laser distance measurement tool, viewfinders, spreadsheet and stencils, etc. Not anymore, with the new Phase One IQ4 150MP, especially on the XF, its almost as easy as using your phone ( well, almost).

Why did you select Capture Integration as your equipment partner?

I am a long term customer. Our company’s philosophies are similar. The highest quality product available with service and knowledge that are second to none!



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