Photokina 2014 Arca-Swiss Announcements

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At Photokina 2014, several new products debuted from Arca-Swiss to compliment its digital back and view camera lineup. Amongst them were the Arca-Swiss Universalis line of view cameras for digital backs, and the dEx electronic system to control various parts of the view camera process.


Arca-Swiss Universalis for Medium Format

This view camera is available in three different versions, mostly depending on whether the user wants support frames or not. All three models share the same monorail, front standard, and lens carrier. The lens carrier allows for micro metric movements for tilt and vertical shift, as well as enjoying lateral shift movements on the rear standard. The amount of shift available on each model is greater than the dimensions of all backs currently on the market.

The F-universalis is geared towards 35mm and mirror less cameras, coming in at a very compact 1.2kg. The reduced distance between the front and rear standards gears this model towards short focal length lenses, ideal for architectural photography. All-metal, the construction is both extreme and compatible with the range of Arca-Swiss monorail camera accessories. With the proprietary Arca-Swiss orbit system, all movements are yaw-free and around the center of the lens, so as to avoid issues with angles or composition.

The second version is intended for medium format digital (or film) backs, and comprises a rear standard with an adapter plate for these backs. Wide angle as well as standard bellows from the Arca-Swiss camera system are available, and continue the tradition of the stability and precision of all Arca-Swiss equipment. The last version is intended for 4×5 film, and has a spring-loading dark-slide holder ground glass rear standard. It can be used with either sheet film or rollifilm holders.

Arca-Swiss dEx (digital extensions)

Arca-Swiss dEx

The dEx electronic system helps simplify view camera photography, consisting of a modular system to help control movements, shutter control, and more. The heart of the system is the MPU, a microprocessor unit that manages incoming information. Running on two batteries, the MPU is a portable unit that is rechargeable via its USB port. Using two remote ports, or a twin-port cable adapter, it connects to the CS (central shutter,) FS (focal plane shutter,) AC (aperture control,) DC (diaphragm control,) DM (distance meter,) or the FC (focus control.)

Arca-Swiss CS – New Copal Plane Shutter

The CS is an new leaf shutter that is a Copal Shutter replacement, compatible with popular lenses like the Schneider Digital Lenses, as well as the Rodenstock HR lenses, syncing at all shutter speeds. Exact maximum shutter speed still to be determined.

Arca-Swiss FS

The FS works on every R, M, F, and Universalis camera bodies. It provides a shutter between the lens and the back, and means you can use shutterless lenses, like vintage brass as well as SLR lenses from Canon and Nikon. The FP’s maximum shutter speed is 1/3000th of a second.

Arca-Swiss DM (Cloud Distance Meter)

The Cloud DM Wireless Distometer is a digital rangefinder that wirelessly connects to the MPU, letting the user know the exact laser-measured distance to the subject matter.

Arca-Swiss RemoteControl-Unit (Top Unit)

The RCU is a wireless control unit that allows for wireless control of the devices attached to the dEx system.

Please contact Capture Integration for further details as these products become available.

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