Photokina 2016: Cambo

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With so many exciting new products coming out of Photokina 2016, we can’t wait to tell about Cambo’s latest debut:

Mid-range studio stand MBX

This new classed Mid-range studio stand will suit many photographers shooting with medium format camera systems. It is placed between the entry level Monostand and the heavier duty UST/UBS stand series. The MBX stand combines several advantages of the various Cambo stands, such as a ball bearing movement for effortless vertical adjustment as well as rotation of the crossarm independently of vertical adjustments, derived from the Cambo UBS stand. In addition to that there is a precise geared lateral positioning of the crossarm.

The MBX counterweight is optimised for a medium format camera with lens and tripod head. Although this can easily be adjusted -using MBX-7 weights- if you choose to add the laptop support tray with computer.

The MBX stand is standard available in two lengths, being 2,1mtr (7 ft) and 2,7mtr (9 ft) from floor to top. Customised lengths are available on request.

Actus-XL View Camera

With the introduction of the ACTUS-XL series, Cambo’s system is now extended across the Actus line of camera products. Where the Actus Mini excels in being the lightest and smallest camera platform, the ACTUS-XL system is a fusion of both the Actus and Ultima camera platforms, maintaining full view camera movements. Modular is the keyword. The Actus-XL accepts all Actus lens plates and lens adapters, sharing the same mount. On the rear standard you find an easy exchangeable frame holder for either a digital back or a DSLR/Mirrorless camera body.

The compatibilty with the Actus Mini platform allows the use of a variety of lens adaptors in combination with several camera bodies. These system bodies are mounted with their bayonets to the upright holder, which can rotate between landscape and portrait position within a second. This can be done without having to remove the camera body or bellows. When using a digital back, the upright holder will accept any of the Cambo SLW-adapters, as used on other Cambo camera systems. For photographers that are using digital backs without Live View, there is even an adapter mount available for the Cambo Sliding back.

There are lens panels available for #0, #1 as well as #3 shutter systems, both mechanical and electronic shutters can be used for synchronising the digital back.

WIDE RS 1600

HyperFocal: 0

The camera’s unique feature is the ability to rotate from horizontal to vertical thus changing the orientation of the digital sensor with a simple flip of the camera body, switching over is quick and easy to do.

The body always remains secure in the mount, there is no shift in weight or re-levelling required. The digital sensor remains central and there is no need to refocus as the combination of camera, lens and digital back is being rotated as one unit.

This saves time and effort when shooting on-location or when using the camera on the RPS copy stand. Architectural and landscape photographers shooting in the field will benefit as the digital back remains in place, protecting the sensor from exposure to the elements. The camera base fits direct to the CBH-6 ball head, so there is no need to use fiddly quick release plates, the camera stays firmly fixed in position.

Of course the body has lateral displacement built-in, using Cambo’s unique accelerated gears with detents on every 5mm. This allows for quick and secure placement of the sensor when making perspective controls and especially when stitching.

For more information contact Capture Integration at 877.217.9870

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