Photokina Journal – Day 1 (continued)

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Good internet is hard to come by. While finding a reliable internet connection proved difficult, I had a lot of fun running around Photokina and experiencing it for the first time. Photokina was completely overwhelming for me and by the end of day 1, I was spent. Here is some of what I encountered my first day at Photokina.

Another great item I noticed today was the Mindshift backpack. With various models available, you can keep personal or hiking items in one part of the pack, with your camera gear in a different compartment. What makes this really great is the ability to quickly rotate out the camera compartment and swing it in front, giving you access to your gear without needing to put down your pack. I think the largest models would be large enough for some medium format solutions, and there’s additional accessories where you could hold more lenses, etc inside. instead of personal or camping gear. I could see this being very useful for landscape photographers.

Kupo has recently released a Car Rig Shot Kit for those interested in shooting cars. Lightweight but sturdy carbon-fiber tubes connect to strong 6” suction cups to allow high-energy, photography with controlled motion and blur effects.

Eizo announced the CS series for their ColorEdge monitors and is meant to be an entry level model. The 24” model (CS240) still maintains 99% AdobeRGB spectrum at a price point that is cheaper than the higher-grade CX and CG models. These too come bundled with ColorNavigator 6.

Eizo also presented their 4k displays – a 24” and 31” model. They are absolutely stunning to see with fluid 1080p video at 24 frames per second and the color accuracy Eizo is known for.

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