Photokina Journal – Day 1

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It was a long day today at Photokina, especially with it being my first ever time attending this massive trade show. Let’s get down to some of the things I was able to get a look at and get my hands on today.

Broncolor had two new products to announce, the first being their new Siros monoblock style head. Available in both 400 and 800ws in three different kit configurations these compact heads pack some great technology inside. The can be ordered with either a Pocket Wizard Receiver built in, and as such are capable of utilizing hypersync, or with Broncolor’s own RFS system. These units can be controlled by an iPhone / iPad app with a desktop control version in the works.

The next new offering is the HMI F1600 that expands the HMI lineup from Broncolor. This is the highest output HMI offered by Bron and is aimed at the still shooter who uses continuous light as well as the video crowd.

Phase One released both Capture One Pro 8, a faster sleeker and more stable version of the software and the Phase One IQ150 today. Capture One Pro 8 adds in a modest set of news features but it’s beauty is it is optimized for speed, both on the Session side as well as with Catalogs. The Phase One IQ150 offers the same chip and feature set as the popular Phase One IQ250 except without the wifi capabilities.

Mamiya Leaf announced the next camera in their lineup, the Credo 50. This camera also offers a 50 mp CMOS chip capable of ISO 100-6400 bundled with the famous Leaf color science via their exclusive profiles allowing you to take advantage of the many presets they offer so you can fine tune your style. The camera will also be offered as a wide spectrum version so the user can have the ability to capture visible as well as near visible light.

We stopped by Cambo’s booth and saw a few Actus cameras out for display to show off how versatile this tiny view camera is. There was even a special edition in gold sporting red bellows. The best part though was getting to see a prototype of the next Actus, one that can utilize a digital back.  They also had a host of video support gear and one of their copy stands.

I also was able to get my hands on a prototype of the new Leica S, type 007. This camera features a CMOS chip in 37mp capable of ISO100-6400. The biggest change up here is that it offers HD video as well. The camera sports an improved autofocus drive, making it much quicker than before. USB3 has been added as well as a GPS unit. Another handy feature is it can fire at 3.2fps.

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