Photokina Journal – Day 2.1

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It’s day two here at Photokina and there is still more to see (a whole lot more), so on to the good stuff so far:

Alpa has a few new adapters for the FPS to show, including the Hasselblad H mount shift adapter as well as the same for Contax. Lens control is possible through the camera for aperture as well as step focus. The shift happens on the lens, so perspective is never changed. There is also a new handle and elegant integrated release for the FPS.

Sekonic has a new offering in the meter department, the C700 and 700R, a touch screen color meter. As someone who comes from a digital tech / assistant background, I love that there is a new advanced color meter, this one can also handle LED light, out there on the market. Accurately measuring color and correcting pre software will ultimately help create a better image.

Our friends at Hahnel offer a new sleek dual charger for called the Pro Cube. Currently it is available for Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus batteries, but we hope they bring one out for digital back batteries.

There are quad copters, this one from DJI, and accessories everywhere and attendees are flocking to it. While I haven’t seen one big enough for a MFDB system here, I know some of our customers have flown there rigs so it’s certainly an interesting thing to see.

I bumped into the Impossible Projects booth as I couldn’t get down the aisle. They were filming some emulsion lifts, and while I couldn’t get a good photo of it, I do have a soft spot for instant film and cameras.

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