Photokina News: Vü Filters, Sekonic, and Tenba

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It’s been a busy week at Photokina, with many new products being announced. Capture Integration was there to view the new gear, along with passing along communications from the manufacturers in order to best serve our end users. Below are just a small sample of the new gear we saw:

Vü Filters

Vü is a new offering for photographers, offering a wide product line of UV filters, circular polarizers, variable neutral density filters, and an assortment of neutral density filters, both graduated and not. They have two lines: Ariel and Sion. Ariel is their premier line, and includes a special flat wave overcoat that gives the filter’s front surface a “smoother-than-glass” finish, making filter maintenance and care much easier.

All Vü filters come with a 5 year limited warranty, impact resistant glass, and their patented iOLock, which environmentally seals the front of any lens, protecting it and keeping it safe from the elements and potential impact damage.

All their circular filters range from 37mm to 82mm, and their Sion Q Neutral density filters come in both 100×100 and 100×150 flavors. Look for these filters to be shipping in November.

Sekonic C-700R

Spectromaster C-700 & C-700R

Sekonic introduced a new color meter to their lineup. Continuing on the success of their L-478DR, the C-700R also features a 4.3″ color dot matrix touch LCD screen. The R denotes radio, as Sekonic includes a PocketWizard module in the meter for triggering up to 100 feet. The CMOS sensor and software on the meter combine to measure a range of color temperatures from 1,600 to 40,000 kelvin.

Key Features:

  • Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash in 1 nanometer (nm) Output Wavelength Increments from 380 to 780 nm
  • Wireless triggering flash measurements with a PocketWizard receiver attached (C-700R only)
  • Wide Color Temperature Range (1600 to 40,000k) in Digital or Film mode
  • Various displays (spectrum graph, CRI, text, lighting filter for Rosco and Lee, camera filter for Kodak Wratten, LEE, and Fuji, White balance compensation, Multiple Lights Comparison)
  • Measurements of Kelvin (K,) Illuminnace (lux,) LB/CC filters (for camera Lens or Lighting Filters,) LC/CC index, CRI (Ra, R1 through R15,) UV
  • Up to 99 data points can be stored in memory
  • C-700 series Utility (in CD-ROM included in the package) offers easy settings in the meter, and analysis of memorized data in computer
  • Other convenient functions include Custom Settings, Preset Compensation, Auto power off, Auto dimmer, etc


Tenba Messanger DNA 13″

Tenba has established themselves as a major player in the camera and equipment transportation game, and announced many new products this year. Amongst them is the Messenger DNA bag. From Tenba themselves:

Messenger DNA bags are Tenba’s best selling bags in a decade, and today we have introduced a new size to fit a 13-inch laptop, plus an iPad® and DSLR or mirrorless camera system. The best selling laptop size for all computer brands is 13 inches, so it’s important that Tenba offer a solution for photographers and filmmakers using this size laptop. The DNA 13 is also the first bag to feature Tenba’s new contoured shoulder pad: with an overlapping design that allows it to be easily removed if desired. This shoulder pad will begin to appear on the DNA 15 and DNA 11 models as an in-line change as older stock is exhausted.

Tool Box in various sizes

Tenba also announced new additions to their popular Tools collection, including the new Tool Box, Reload memory card wallets, battery pouches, and some new universal shoulder straps and pads. The Tool Box is of particular interest, offering various configurations for GoPros, mirror-less cameras, and more.

From Tenba:

We began developing the Tool Box as a way to carry GoPro® camera systems of varying sizes inside larger bags, and then
through the development process, we realized we had something with hundreds of additional uses. Tool Boxes fit everything from mirrorless cameras and lenses to DSLR strobes and audio gear. Available in three sizes.

Their Reload Card Wallets, battery pouches, and new shoulder slings are all great options as well.

Tenba 12L ActionPack for GoPro®

Tenba also expanded their Shootout Collection with their 12L ActionPack for GoPro.

From Tenba:

Tenba has expanded the Shootout collection with a second backpack for GoPro®. The 12L ActionPack has the quick access
and organization of the original 14L model, but is designed for GoPro users with only 1-2 cameras and a smaller selection of mounts and accessories.

Rear Access

  • Features a rear access panel that can be opened even when on a bike or strapped to a snowboard. You never have to take the bag off to get at the gear inside.

Skateboard/Trolley Straps

  • Front straps hold a skateboard, and double as trolley straps for secure, piggyback travel through an airport.

Front Accessory Pocket

  • Front pocket to organize accessories.

Pivot-Fit™ Harness

  • Tenba’s exclusive Pivot-Fit harness automatically adjusts to different body types, and includes the breathable Airflow back panel for comfort.
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