Profoto A1 – TTL for Phase One XF is Here!

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If you have always wanted an On Camera Flash (OCF) for your Phase One Medium Format body and have struggled with adapters and frankenstein contraptions in the past, your prayers are now answered.  With the announcement of the new Profoto A1 studio light we now have a seamless connection and interface with your XF camera system.

Canon or Nikon Version

The Profoto Air sync and TTL technology is not new.  However, in the past the Phase One XF body would only fire with a Nikon Air Transceiver.  If you owned a Canon body, you needed to have both a Nikon (for XF) and a Canon Transceiver to sync your strobes.  With the new A1, we are using the built in Air system to send the signals to the studio light. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether your A1 is for Canon, Nikon, or Sony; all will work with the Phase One XF Camera.

Profoto A1 for Canon (Product number: 901201 US)

• Manual Firing or Full TTL Functionality with Phase One XF (using internal transmitter)

Profoto A1 for Nikon (Product number: 901202 US)

• Manual Firing with Phase One XF / DF /DF+ Cameras (using hot shoe) 

• Manual Firing or Full TTL Functionality with Phase One XF (using internal transmitter)

TTL with your XF

Is CI a fan of TTL?  Yes and no.  We love TTL to get your rough exposure.  In those strange situations or if we don’t have a meter, TTL works very well to get us close.  After using TTL with your body, switch it to manual mode and use it to your own aesthetics.     And having the built in Air controls in the Phase One XF body means one less piece of gear to bring with you.  One less set of batteries to worry about.   This is a great solution and an easy way to work.

A great addition to the Profoto Line

When the XF was introduced with built in Profoto Air capabilities it made many of our customers very happy.  We have always been one of the largest Profoto dealers on the East Coast.  This addition complimented our customer’s Profoto line up beautifully.  Since then, the XF Air sync capabilities have only been improved to a great degree and made it a more seamless solution.  And now the A1 comes in as the smallest studio light in the industry.   This compact system with full Air capabilities can be added in the tightest of areas or to the hotshoe of the camera.    Watch our experts show the perfect integration of both systems in the following video.

The new Profoto A1 studio light is the smallest and most portable lamp in the Profoto mono-head line and seamlessly integrates with B1, B1x, D1, D2, B2 and Pro-10.

Full manual control as well as TTL control is available from Profoto Air TTL Remotes or directly from the Phase One XF camera.

Finally with the Profoto A1 we now have portable, powerful, beautiful, capable, TTL enabled on-camera strobe for your medium format camera.

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