Profoto L1600D – NEW Mono LED For Cinema

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Profoto L1600D - Product images

Entering the cinema market

Profoto L1600D - Product images

The Profoto L1600D Mono-LED offers an uncompromising speed of use thanks to the unparalleled power-to-weight ratio, powered by our unique patent-pending cooling technology HydroCTech. This means more time spent on what makes a difference on set and less time hauling, setting up, and breaking down gear.

The L1600D comes with dual mounting options. The Profoto and Bowens mount. With the Profoto Light Shaping Tool system at the core, users will have access to an unmatched array of light modifiers. The L1600D also comes with a new take on the yoke, with a patent-pending swivel functionality, adding even more freedom of movement when setting the lights.

The L1600D offers the purest of light, and a lot of it, with the highest degree of light shaping possibilities. We have created an impressively efficient piece of equipment with our Mono-LED technology. 97% of the electricity is harnessed and used from input to output, which is at least 20% more efficient compared to other solutions with ballast and head.

The L1600D is for the uncompromising pros who appreciate and understand the power of shaping light to achieve their cinematic visions.

Profoto L1600D - Product images

Technical Specifications

Color temperature5700K
DimingEXP, LOG, Linear. 0.1%-100%, with super low dimming.
FlickerFlicker free at any frame rate.
Max power consumption1600W.
Power drawIntegrated auto current draw limit is 15A at low input voltage.
Power supplyIntegrated, worldwide 100-240v 50-60Hz (e.g.1 phase “230v50hz,2-phase- 208v60hz, 1-phase 120v60hz, 240v split phase).
MainsNeutrik powercon connector, 7m cable.
CoolingHydroCTech™ Liquid Cooling System (patent pending),
Fans2x140mm silent fans.
IP ratingIP54.
Lumen radio/CRMXTimoTwo integrated
DMXXLR 5pin in/out, integrated software controllable termination.
Profoto Air RadioRemote control range 100m.
USBUSB-C (Service).
Measurements & weight 
Light including swivel yoke11,7kg/25,8lb.
Light, swivel yoke, mains cable, Boost reflector and transportation bag.14kg/30,8lb.
Length with built in reflector Length with Profoto mount Length with Boost reflector50cm/19,6in 60cm/23,6in 85cm/33,4in.
Storage temperature-30 to +60°C/-22 to 140°F
Operating temperature Full functionality Limited functionality  -10 to +35°C/14-95°F +36 to +50°C/96-122°F
Photometric data  
With Boost reflector 12°  
Distance m/ftOutput [ lux]Diameter (m/ft)
With built in wide reflector 60°  
Distance m/ftOutput [ lux]Diameter (m/ft)

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