Profoto: New OCF Beauty Dishes & Gels

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Profoto is excited to announce two additions to their popular Off-Camera Flash System.

  • Collapsible/Portable OCF Beauty Dishes in White and Silver
  • Easy-to-use OCF Gels

With the new Light Shaping Tools, Profoto makes the Off-Camera Flash System an even more attractive and complete lighting solution for the on-location photographer. A solution that is unique in the marketplace.

OCF Beauty Dishes

OCF Beauty Dishes The OCF Beauty Dishes are a collapsible, portable version of the classic Profoto Softlight Reflector. They create a creamy yet crisp light, often referred to as a “beauty light.” When it comes to bringing out the beauty of your subjects, it is second to none. Since they are tailor-made for on-location photography, the OCF Beauty Dishes are compact, lightweight and easy to use. High-quality fabrics and patent-pending design allows you to snap them onto the speedring without having to bend and fumble with the rods.

  • Creates a classic beauty light.
  • Collapsible and lightweight.
  • Patent-pending design for fast and easy setup.
  • Made with high-quality fabrics.
  • Available in two versions: white and silver.
  • Comes with deflector plate, optional diffuser and carrying bag.

*Only to be used with Profoto Off-Camera Flashes that have LED modeling lights. Should not be used with standard heads or monolights. The OCF Speed ring is bought separately and can be used with both OCF Soft boxes and OCF Beauty Dishes.

OCF Beauty Dish White 2′ | 101220 | $179
OCF Beauty Dish Silver 2′ | 101221 | $179
OCF Speedring | 101210 | $99

OCF Gels – Add Color To Your Palette

The OCF Gels are pre-cut to fit Profoto Off-Camera Flashes, and mounted in the blink of an eye. There are 20 gels to choose from, ten are color correction gels for balancing your flash with, for instance, natural light or indoor lighting, while the other ten are color effect gels. Add them to boost your creativity and shape light in color. The OCF Gels are sold in three different kits. The OCF Color Gel Starter Kit includes ten of the most popular gels plus the actual OCF Grid & Gel Holder and two gel attachment pieces, allowing you to switch gels fast and easy.

• Balance color temperature or get creative with colored light.
• Choose from ten color correction gels and ten color effect gels.
• Pre-cut and labeled for fast and easy use
• Clever snap on solution.
• Comes with two gel attachment pieces, a practical bag and a wallet.
• Can be used together with any OCF Light Shaping Tools.

*OCF Gels are only to be used with Profoto Off-Camera Flashes that have LED modeling lights. Should not be used with standard heads or monolights.

OCF Gel Starter Pack | 101037 | $99
OCF Color Correction Gel Pack | 101038 | $59
OCF Color Effects Gel Pack |101038 | $59

Please contact your Capture Integration sales representative for full details.

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