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For months… you’ve heard about it, read about it and probably tested the demos… now these ALPA products are ready to be the newest addition to your ALPA collection…

ALPA Silex Control Unit

ALPA Silex
Gene Therapy For Any Classical
ALPA 12 Body Ever Sold

For operating all electronic lens mounts on conventional ALPA 12 bodies together with the ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA); comes with separate, variable swivel plate; with 2 batteries and charger; ALPA eShutter Control can be added for ALPA lenses equipped with Rodenstock/Sinar eShutter (future release).

Hint: With the introduction of the electronic shutter the Phase One IQ3 100 allows lenses without integrated shutters to be used for still photography.

ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA)
The Missing Link

Connecting adapter for use of any electronically controlled ALPA FPS lens mount and ALPA SILEX control unit on any standard ALPA 12 camera body. Depending on the image circle of the specific lens a given movement (rise, fall, shift, tilt/swing) is feasible.

ALPA Lens Module Hasselblad HAF (Fix)
Full Access To 1/1000s With Flash
For lenses with Hasselblad H mount and automatic aperture control

The leaf shutter of the H lenses can be used up to 1/800s and 1/1000s with the new Hasselblad HCD “orange“ lenses. Together with an ALPA 12 FPS the focal plane shutter allows captures up to 1/4000 sec. Optimized for operation with ALPA 12 MAX and stitching column. Integrated interface for tripod mount. Alpa Lens Module Hasselblad HAF doesn’t allow shifting.

FPS/Silex Firmware 4.03 – One fits all and new tricks
The highlights with ALPA only features full integration of Hasselblad H lenses and support for Nikon E lenses. The ALPA 12 FPS and Silex share the same firmware.

Hasselblad lenses: Full integration of Hasselblad H lenses. The new orange lenses now offer 1/1000s as a fastest exposure time (also for flash).

Nikon E lenses: Nikon lenses with electromechanical aperture can now be operated. This enhances the former support which was restricted to some PC-E lenses. The new 19 mm PC-E and more can now be used together with the ALPA 12 FPS or ALPA Silex/ELA.

Shutter priority modes: Optimized shutter modes also for operation with combined shutter (leaf shutter & FPS), internal FPS only and Video are available now.
Blackref: The additional waiting time for the blackref can now be enabled/disabled.

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