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Thank you, Andy Lerman

The Importance of Printing your images

In this age of digital capture, the single biggest aspect we are missing is seeing our amazing images printed.  There are no proof sheets.  There are no polaroids. There is no shoe box of prints.  How many of our images are lost forever due to some data mistake or archiving blunder?  So for this year’s CI road tour we decided to print some of our favorite customer’s images up to 80″ wide and bring them to our customers to view.  And the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Do you see a difference in a print?

Have you seen a 35mm DSLR image printed 6′ wide?  Have you seen a 35mm DSLR image printed side by side with a 100mp medium format capture at 6′ wide?  Trust me, you need to.  We read the articles online and we see the foolish statements of comparison.  Anyone stating that an iPhone image is almost as good as a 100mp capture hasn’t done the test and shouldn’t be given a forum to state their uninformed and incorrect opinions.   This traveling show allowed us to view 50mp, 60mp, 80mp, and 100mp captures side by side printed on the same substrate.  And trust us, you can see the difference even among the high end digital backs.  Don’t believe us?  Come to a CI tour event, or see us at Photo Plus October, or visit our office in Atlanta and see for yourself!

Thank you, Amr El – Shafei
Thank you, David Benoliel
Thank you, Ed Cooley
Thank you, James Haefner
Thank you, Zack Arias
Thank you, R.J. Kern

Magna Chrome Metal Printing

This summer, Capture Integration formed a new relationship with San Francisco based metal printing company, Magna Chrome.  During the planning phases of our XF Road Tour Gallery, our talented friend and client, Andy Lerman, introduced us to his amazing printing partners!

From our introductory phone call to present, Tim Lutz and his son, Josh, have offered us unparalleled customer service and expertise! They specialize in metal prints up to 48″ x 72″ in six different finishes and seven different framing options.

Check Out MC Prints & Frames

These stellar images from our customers above are printed by Magna Chrome. Print samples and frames will be on display in our booth at PhotoPlus 2017, make sure you stop by to see them in person!

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