Cambo WRE-CA, CA-GFX & Adapters Shipping Now

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Cambo is taking their experience with the Actus series of cameras to the next level… while reaching new places…

The WRE-CA lens plate allows you to mount lenses fitted with a Canon Eos bayonet, in combination with the WRS series of cameras. When paired with a digital back with an electronic shutter (IQ3-100) and a lens with a large image circle (Such as the Canon 17mm TS-E) it allows for the widest field of view currently available on a medium format system.
In the case of the CA-GFX, this adapter allows for the same options to be applied to Fuji’s GFX 50s and depending on the usage may allow for some shifts when using the TS-E lenses.
Both units feature internal batteries that are rechargeable. The used focal length and the current aperture are displayed on a OLED screen on the lens plate automatically and indicates actual focal length, also with zoom lenses.

Note: there is no direct electronic connection between camera body and lens on this adapter, no auto focus and no lens exif data is transferred.

Both of these products are available and shipping now.

Please contact Capture Integration for pricing & more information at 877.217.9870.

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