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This is now the 4th year of Capture Integration’s close working relationship with the Shoot the Centerfold organization run by the talented Jarmo Pohjamiemi.  I just came back from our second trip to the Santorini, Greece workshop and wanted to share thoughts with you.

A workshop for every kind of photographer

The STC workshops are always in the most beautiful locations in the world.  While the focus is on glamour photography, the opportunity to photograph architecture, landscape, or street imagery is available at any level you wish.  Personally, I always include a day or two of location shooting.  The landscapes are always stunning.  The locations are memorable and exotic.  Why would you take a trip like this and not take advantage of all the other beauty?  I have often thought to myself that my landscape or travel photographer clients should think about coming on one of these trips.   The subject matter is aways absolutely amazing.

Oai, Greece – Shoot the Centerfold Workshop 2017

Capture One Training

In the evenings, I set up my laptop, projector, a Sunbounce reflector and we spend a few hours going over the images of the day.   This not only lets all the attendees share imagery and the creative process, but it also helps to see how Capture One works in each person’s individual workflow.  If attendees have individual questions, we often have one on one sessions about the software in the most gorgeous setting that I have ever seen Capture One taught.  It truly is a special week.

Bluff, UTAH

Simply the coolest instructors in the industry

The core of STC workshops is education.  Attendees learn lighting, rapport with a model, posing, the importance of location, styling, and overall respect for the medium.  However, if you have not attended a seminar by Jarmo Pohjamiemi or Ales Bravnicar then you are missing out.  They are energetic and knowledgeable instructors teaching from real world working experience.  Both are genuine individuals who feel more like good friends after spending a workshop together learning from them.  If you would like to know more about them here are there websites:

Jarmo at work – Shoot the Centerfold 2016
Ales Bravnicar and Guess Model, Kseniya Belousova

The Gear

Each year I bring multiple digital systems with a variety of Lenses for the attendees to get to know.   We shoot tethered on the days we are teaching lighting.  Tethering allows us to see small variations in lighting that can have a huge impact on the final image.   Chimping on a tiny SLR screen just doesn’t work.   During that time, the attendees can shoot the latest Phase One digital camera system and get a feel of it.  Then on free afternoons and free days, I loan out the gear.  Attendees can take a full Leica or Phase One kit with them for the day or afternoon.   It is a essentially a free capture rental for any attendee who wants to try the gear.

Testing the camera in the morning before shooting in Santorini

Sponsored Lighting Gear

At every workshop, the latest in technology is shipped in from both Hensel and Sunbounce.  This gear can be borrowed at your leisure and taken around the island.   With cameras from Leica and Phase One, Hensel lighting, and Sunbounce accessories, you really just need to show up with a smile and you will have at the best gear on the planet to create your imagery.

And of course, the most talented and beautiful women in the world…

Join this November in Flores?

Maybe its time to join us on the next Shoot the Centerfold Workshop?   Well its right around the corner and the next location is stunning.  Here is a teaser video:
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