Sneak Peek – Westcott Flex

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After making a major splash at both Photokina and the IBC Video Conference in Europe, Westcott has announced a partnership with the inventors of the newly patented flexible LED technology and exclusive distribution privileges for North America and Australia.

Westcott is working with a team of video and photo lighting experts to develop an entire series of innovative components for controlling and modifying this new technology, including a variety of sizes, mounting systems, diffusion options, battery operation, and more.

The goal is to innovate and deliver an extremely versatile lighting system. The Flex is designed to enable the cinematography and photography industries to produce creations that are currently impossible using today’s lighting equipment.

The Westcott Flex is a pliable, dimmable, water-resistant LED mat for photography and video production that produces an outstanding quality of light with an impressive 95+ CRI in both daylight and tungsten models.

At a mere 5 ounces, the bendable 10″ x 10″ Flex features a surface lined with 166 LED diodes and outlined with a moldable 1⁄4″ black frame. This extremely compact design allows it to be easily concealed on-set or location, and effortlessly stored for travel.

The Westcott Flex will be available in both tungsten and daylight options. The Flex Tungsten omits an impressive 1,600 lux of illumination at 1 meter with a 98 CRI, while the Flex Daylight offers a slightly brighter 1,900 lux at 1 meter with a 95 CRI. A dimmer will be included to adjust the light output from 5% to 100% for precise output.

Spring 2015 will bring an assortment of new sizes, battery options, barn doors, DMX Control, tethering options and more. Stay tuned for more details.

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