Meet Steve


I can’t believe I can say I’ve been doing this for over 20 years (over half that time @CI), but I have. Service is such a cliche term. If you could really describe what we do at Capture Integration, it would be something along the lines of: We approach all of our clients with open, true hearts, and with an emphasis on integrity and dedication to making sure that what matters to our clients is embedded in our every action. I work here because of that.

The real reward is that every day I can look in the mirror. That mirror means everything to me.

Away from the office, I hit the jackpot with a beautiful, warm, and wise spouse, and an all grown up daughter who has occasionally astonished me in various ways, and provides many learning moments for me. I also love animals of all kinds. Don’t ever hurt an animal or I may hunt you down.

Hometown (s):


Decatur, Ga

Previous (chronologically):


Daytona Beach/Ormand Beach/Tampa/Deland/Orlando/St Augustine

New Jersey/New York

Hope/Ridgewood/Kinnelon/Manahawkin/Greenwich Village



Interests include, but are not limited to:

I love music, always have. I have my mother and older brother to credit for that. Almost all sorts – jazz, classical (love piano sonatas), rock, alt, prog (!), etc. The more innovative and non-mainstream, the better. That generally leaves out most country music. There, I said it (inside office joke, but ask me about it sometime!).

I don’t want to list bands, I’m not really a my favorite band guy, so I’ll just say one good indicator would be that I’m a huge Yo La Tengo fan.

I also love cinema, and the above characteristics could also apply.

I read books, actual books. Every week.

Very non-foodie. I don’t like cooking. I don’t enjoy cooking. Growing up, food was sometimes hard to come by. So while I enjoy food, it embedded in me that it was more something you needed than something you loved. If complete nutrition and a feeling that you had a meal of something could be delivered in pill form, I would skip a large amount of food preparation and consumption and just pop that pill in my mouth.

With that said, if I was on a deserted island, and I could choose one food to have, it would have to be an island that possessed a freezer, so I could eat Edys Chocolate Grand ice cream whenever I wanted.

Otherwise, my fave non dessert meals are usually Thai, Vietnamese, or American comfort food when I’m feeling naughty.

I’ve owned Canons for many years. My first Canon was the Elan II with the eye control focus. Move your eye and the focus point would move to where you looked. That was so frigging cool. Then digital with 5D, 5D MK-II, 6D. Fave lenses are Canon 40/2.8 (love), 200/2.8, 400/5.6. Also the Sigma 50/1.4 (not the newer Art, I prefer the previous model).

I obviously have access to use any Phase One, Hasselblad, Leica/Fuji, Alpa, Cambo, Arca Swiss gear from work anytime. Is that not great?

My style is mostly spontaneous and I struggle with cliche. I like shooting just random things or unique perspectives that escape the eye. Driving around. Hmm, that looks interesting. And cats, lots of cats.