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ALPA Tripod Pro 75 Set C39030 Summer Promo

This professional tripod is stable, safe, and entirely modular and carries heavy camera combinations without problems. ONLY FOR THIS SUMMER, ALPA is offering this set at an attractive price with 30% discount on the retail price!

Promotion only applies to the set C3930 and is valid until the end of September 2019.

About the Tripod Pro 75

This tripod is slightly heavier than the previous TrioPod, but allows higher shooting positions. The advantages are the interchangeable base in which a central column or levelling calotte can be used. The new base offers the photographer a high degree of flexibility. The leg angles can be set at angles of 23°, 45°, 65° and 87°. A further raster at 155° enables the tripod to be supported on the walls in confined spaces indoors. A particularly innovative feature is the new special 43° locking mechanism, which enables the tripod to be turned around at lightning speed for working close to the ground, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming changing of the central column and/or tripod head. The legs can be tilted 180°, which guarantees a compact package on the move. The kit is completely modular and consists of a base, three carbon legs, and the practical drumstick legs for special shooting situations.

Product remarks: ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod-Pro 75 Set C3930, set with C3930 carbon legs (length 161 cm, 3 sections, closed 60.5 cm) and 3 drum stick legs

Order Before September 30th!

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